Wednesday, January 9, 2008

It's Party Time -- Author Style! (or Why I Can No Longer Party Like It's 1999)

Tip of the Day: Use the phrase "Boo yeah!" at inappropriate times today -- in meetings at work, on the phone with telemarketers, at the doctor's office when the nurse finally calls your name -- the possibilities are endless.

While I sit in the limbo land of waiting for my agent to submit my novel to editors, I have to find ways to pass the time.


I should be writing my next novel?

Oh yeah!

No, seriously, I am. I swear! But when I'm not, I like to fantasize about what it will be like when my novel comes out (and what's important to note here is that I didn't say IF it comes out; I said WHEN. Not to get all The Secret-ish on you here, but I truly believe that you need to act without self-doubt in this industry. I KNEW I'd get an agent because I KNEW I loved to write and I KNEW that was what I wanted, and I didn't let anything, anyone, or any of my crappier novels stop me (which is another post entirely).

ANYWAY -- in honor of Lisa's YA debut release yesterday, here are my Book Release Party fantasies!

Picture this: Vegas, poolside at the Wynn. Food catered by Ananda Fuara, music provided by Depeche Mode, perfect weather provided by Mother Nature. All of my friends and family would fly out for the event, and the billboards on The Strip would advertise the event with an airburshed photo of me. All expenses would be covered by a Great Expectations-like benefactor who would reveal himself as Dave Gahan at the end of the night because he loved my work so much.


What? That's not likely to happen? Gah!

But my probable reality's not too shabby either. A party at Spot Coffee, a fabulous Missy Cake, jams rocked by John Viviani and the Filthy Funk, and all my friends and family will be there to eat, drink, and be merry (most likely for a wild, wild afternoon). It will happen! (Note again my certainness of this. All of you Recently Reppeds out there, practice this daily.)

How about all of you? What will your debut release party be like?

Deena, Miss Recently Repped


Kristina Springer said...

Oooh-- both of your parties sound good! Wouldn't that be a trip if the first happened? Love the billboard! :-)

I have no idea what mine will be like. Is the booksigning a part of it or just a big party? If just a big party then I guess either everyone at a restaurant or Mom's house? Like, two minutes after I sold my book my mom said something about planning a book release party. Oh duh-- I should probably have mine at a coffee shop huh? :-)

DeenaML said...

I think you could do a book release party, where people come and buy the book and you sign it, or like mine, it could be a party for invitees only where you just celebrate your book coming out.

Of course you could do BOTH!!! One at a coffee shop, one in Vegas.... :)

Kate Fall said...

I can't wait for my invitation to your party!!

Emily Marshall said...

I'm with Kate, I can't wait till I get an invitation to your party :) own release party? Good question. I'm very "theme" oriented party-thrower, so I guess it would depend on the book. But wouldn't that be an interesting release party if my book I'm writing now is The One. I can just think of all the possibilities and tricks I could play on the guests.

DeenaML said...

I'll make sure all blog commenters are on the evite! ;)

Lisa Schroeder said...

Okay, I need to sell another book so I have money to go to Tina's book party next year, and all of yours shortly thereafter! It would be SO FUN!!!

I'm doing a book release signing at Powells and I ordered some heart-shaped cookies today for people in attendance. I'm going to do a little talk for 15 minutes or so before I start signing. EEP!!!

DeenaML said...

Lisa, heart-shaped cookies sound perfect. Have fun! I wish I lived closer!!!

Ghost Girl (aka, Mary Ann) said...

This is a tough question. I've often had the whole Carrie Bradshaw fantasy--ritzy restaurant and fabulous people. But I'd really rather have the people I know! Just kidding folks--you're all fabulous!!

Considering I wrote a lot of this book in a cafe down the street, it would be fun to have it there. But there must be liquor. I don't know that I could do that at the cafe. (A lot of Amish and Mennonites work there!)

Hmmmm...Since it's about ghosts and such, perhaps in some cemetery or haunted house. There are lots of both in Lancaster County.

Boil it all down...Let's just get liquored up with friends and listen to awesome tunes. Dancing absolutely permitted!

DeenaML said...

Yes, Maryann, dancing for sure!

I know you told me in Philly, but what is your book about again? It's historical? A party in a haunted location would be great -- but maybe do that for the signing, and have your party at an alcohol allowing establishment. :)

Ghost Girl (aka, Mary Ann) said...

It's a historical fantasy, I guess. Takes place in 1850 just outside Rochester, NY. The MC is a 15-year-old clairvoyant. Maybe I'll post the synopsis (ew there's that dreaded word again!) on my blog.

DeenaML said...

Oh yeah! I remember saying I'm from Roch and you saying that's where your book takes place. I was SO on info overload that weekend. :) I'll keep my eye on your blog for your SYNOPSIS....

Anonymous said...

Vegas! Dave Gahan! I'll get my people on this right away... :)