Friday, August 29, 2008

Last Day of A2A School Days Giveway!!

Tip of the Day: Have a great Labor Day weekend - hopefully no labor is really involved!

Congratulations to the winner of yesterday's book, Chelsea!! You get your very own copy of REVENGE OF THE HOMECOMING QUEEN! Please e-mail author2author at gmail dot com with your mailing address!

Nooooo! I don’t want summer vacation to end! Neither do my kids. But, I guess it always does, doesn’t it? It’s interesting having boys – the whole first day of school and clothes drama is pretty much non-existent. When I was in school, I’d worry for a week about what I was going to wear the first day! I remember more than once going to school in a pretty new sweater on the first day, and it’d be 85 degrees out and I’d be sweating up a storm. But still, I looked *good* and that was the important thing.

My boys start school on Tuesday and since the weather is still pretty nice, they’ll probably wear a pair of shorts they’ve worn all summer long and a t-shirt. They’ve been wearing their new shoes for awhile now, so even those won’t really be “new.” Hey, maybe I’ll go back-to-school shopping and get myself a few things!

Now, for the contest! I’ve selected the book WAKE, by Lisa McMann, as my giveaway book. Getting sucked into people’s dreams isn’t fun for Janie, and it’s even less fun when it happens at school, which it does occasionally when people fall asleep in class or the library. And when it happens on a field trip? Oh no! Fortunately, there’s someone there who helps her out. Who? Well, I’m not going to tell you. You’ll just have to win the book and read it to find out!

To enter, just leave a comment here by midnight (EST). That’s it! Sorry, US residents only. Check back on Saturday where the winner will be announced.

Good luck!

~Lisa, Miss Pinch Me I'm Pubbed


Amanda Morgan said...

I am so with you on the summer thing. Although in TN it seems to last a little longer, so I can't complain too much!

Definitely sign me up for WAKE! I lost my copy and I love, love, LOVE the book.

Emily Marshall said...

I wish I was eligible to win this book. :(

Unknown said...

Yes, it is so sad to see the summer go! Great contest though, I've been wanting to read Wake, please enter me in! :)

Readingjunky said...

Please enter me in the WAKE contest. My students would love it.

Anonymous said...

I would really love to win this book! It might help me cope with the end of summer hahaha!

Anonymous said...

I would love to win! This is my last shot so I hope it's lucky.

Anonymous said...

Please, enter me))) I very, very, very want to read WAKE)))))

Anonymous said...

I've read the book, but I don't own it, so please enter me!

Amber said...

It's embarrassing, but I haven't read WAKE yet! I know...I'm so bad. I would love to read it though - it's been on my "To Read" list for so long. Having the book in my hands would ensure that I read it soon!