Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Name! That! Character! (or Hollywood Schmollywood)

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Often, blogging authors will discuss which actors they would pick to play their characters. Many of them seem to know the *perfect* actor to play everyone in their books, and say they picture so-and-so being Just Like their character. And then they pose the question: Who would play the characters in YOUR book?

And honestly, I don't know!!!

Is that weird???

I feel like EVERYone knows who would play their MC but me!

OK, I know part of my problem is I don't retain names well at all, including the names of actors. So that makes the task a bit more difficult. But even if I were to describe the movies/TV shows the actors were in, I'd STILL be at a loss.

Because my characters are just themselves. They are not characters to be played. That'd be like asking me who would play my boyfriend or best friend in the movie adaptation of my life. Yeah, yeah, yeah, so that would bomb in the box office on opening night, but that aside, I couldn't picture ANYONE but the ppl themselves playing themselves.

Am I totally posessive of my characters? I don't know, bc if Hollywood came knocking and offered me some cash to make my book into a movie, I'd sure as hell say, "Hell yeah!" But if Hollywood asked for my input on who to play whom (as if), I'd say, "Uh, that...blond...chick?"

OK, let me take some deep breaths here and just try to think. Who would play Joanie, the MC in SOMETHING STRANGE ON STAFF ROAD? She has brown hair, brown eyes, is 13, wears saddle shoes, has a ponytail.... THAT COULD BE LIKE ANYONE!

Maybe Abigail Breslin? (And for the record, I only know her name bc I looked up LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE in imdb.) She is a good actor.
Phew. That exhausted me. I'm done. Does anyone else have this problem?

Deena, Miss Recently Repped

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Kate Fall said...

Ha ha, I always wonder this too. I feel like people just say, "OK, my MC should be played by Ashley Teasdale, because people would go see her."

But the girls from iCarly could do a good Holly and Celia from my WIP. :)

DeenaML said...

Kate, good point! Just pick the actor who will bring in the most tweens! HA!