Friday, January 2, 2009

2009 - Don't worry, be happy!

Tip of the day: I am going to spend most of my weekend working on revisions for a book under contract. Please tell me I can do it. Send me all the confidence you can find, because I seriously need it!!

I had a busy 2008 writing-wise. And I'm still busy. Extremely busy for the next few months, as a matter of fact. Which is good, I suppose, although also tiring.

I have one book to revise and another book to finish and submit, at which point I'll then have to revise that one as well. But listing those things as goals isn't really fair because I *have* to do them. I mean, I'm under contract to do them. 

So what do I want to accomplish? I want to dig deep and make those books the best they can be. I want to make my words sing, dance, and leap off the page. I'm talking lots of blood, sweat and tears, people.  

Next, I want to stop worrying about things I can't control. Things like reviews that aren't the greatest. Sales numbers. Amazon rankings. This is a big one, and it's going to be hard. But it's also the most important. I want to write without worrying about it all. I want to be a joyful author, to revel in the good stuff, and just let the rest roll off my back. 

Finally, I want to go to New York. I want to meet my agent and editors and all the other wonderful people in Please Publish Me Land. It will cost time and money to do this, neither of which I have a lot of. But I really want to try and make it happen somehow. We'll see!

Happy new year one and all! 

~Lisa, Miss Crafting a Career (ohhh, the pressure!)


Kate Fall said...

Good luck this weekend, Lisa, I'll be thinking of you! And hopefully I'll be hard at work on my Fast Draft January project. So I'll be in front of the compy if you need some email encouragement.

DeenaML said...

Oh yes, I'll also be Logged In to my PC all weekend doing my JanNo work. Busy January! And I also like your goal for visiting NYC!

Christina Farley said...

You can do it!!!!!

Emily Marshall said...

Good luck with your goals, Lisa. It's so hard to try to focus on things only you can control. So good luck on mastering that skill. And if you figure out how to do it, please share with the rest of us.