Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ten Days Tease

Tip of the Day: You think your job is hard? Try being a shrink to a bunch of zombies! Check out Stacey Jay’s, You Are So Undead to Me, released today!

The snippet I’m going to share is from one of my current WIPs (I’m balancing three. Hard to decide on one!) TEN DAYS TO PLAN THE PERFECT FIRST KISS. The main character, Gabby, is a laid back kind of girl, more of a dreamer. Her best friend since birth (her birthday is one day before) Zoe is more of a high maintenance chick. It’s a Sunday afternoon and the girls are watching the old Drew Barrymore movie Never Been Kissed, right at the scene where Drew is on the baseball mound waiting for the guy to show up and kiss her. Gabby is into the movie and Zoe is breaking up with her latest boyfriend via text but then pays attention at the magic moment of the kiss. And Zoe comments:

“It does look like a good kiss. And did you ever notice that when there is a big movie kiss the lighting is always awesome and just the right song is playing in the background and a camera always does a full circle around the guy and girl kissing? Like the kiss has the power to spin them all around. It’s so perfect.”

A short while after Zoe looks at a calendar and realizes she’s turning 17 in just eleven days. Ok, here we go with the real snippet:
Zoe, without missing a beat, returns to her rant. “I’m serious Gabby.” She dramatically places her hands on her hips. “I’ve passed that whole sweet 16 and never been kissed thing. I’m going to be 17. This can’t happen.”

“So kiss someone then Zo. It’s not like you can’t find a line of guys at any given time willing to kiss you.” Zoe is absolutely gorgeous. Hence the endless string of boyfriends and dates. She’s 5’9”, slim, with jet black hair cut in a really cute longer style, and huge doe eyes. People hit on her everywhere we go. Not that I don’t occasionally get hit on myself. I’m considered “cute” and “sweet”. At least that is what people are always telling me. But I don’t think teenage guys are so into cute and sweet. At least not when she’s standing next to hot and glamorous.

“I don’t want any old line of guys though Gabby,” she protests. “And I always get what I want. I have Hillary Duff’s hairstyle, Paris Hilton’s sunglasses, and Lindsay Lohan’s bag. I deserve the perfect movie magic kiss in the perfect setting with the perfect guy. And it has to be before I turn 17.”

“Well, good luck with that,” I say, trying to keep the snark out of my tone. Zoe’s been out with so many guys and still hasn’t found “the one”. I’m not sure how she thinks she’ll find him in the next eleven days.

“No, Gabby, you have to help me. We have to devise a plan.”

I rub my forehead and wonder what on earth she thinks I can do to help her get the perfect first kiss.

“You’re lucky we’re best friends,” I say.

Kristina, Miss Delighted to Debut


Anonymous said...

Very cute and fun! I like the description of Zoe, but I don't know about the "Hillary Duff hairstyle" thing. When I think of her hair, all that comes to mind is blonde- not a particular style.

Kristina Springer said...

Thanks! I might need to change that. This is what I was thinking-- you know the bang swoop to the left--

Lisa Schroeder said...

Very fun Tina!!

Kate Fall said...

Tina, you write such great setups! This one sounds like a very fun book.

Emily Marshall said...

I always enjoy your writing, Tina.

DeenaML said...

This is still great during the second read!