Thursday, June 18, 2009

Line Edits: Book Two

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I got a very exciting package marked EXTREMELY URGENT via UPS this past week. Very exciting. It was my line edits for My Fake Boyfriend is Better Than Yours! Whoo Hoo!!

Okay, I don't know why this is thrilling me so much. When I got line edits for The Espressologist I think I mentioned crying. Hmm, oh yes-- here is where I talked about it. Line edits, at first, seem daunting. But not this time! This time they are wonderful!

I think I'm partly so excited because I didn't know what my book two was going to be for a REALLY long time. I mean, I sold it in May of 2007. Back then it was called Untitled Book Two. And I kept trying various ideas to see what would make the BEST second book for me. When I got this last idea for MFBIBTY and sent the first chaps and an outline to my editor and she said it was a go, I needed to write it very quickly. Like, in two months. I was so into this book though so that wasn't a problem at all. I guess it happened so fast that it still doesn't seem real to me. But seeing the line edits with a designated title page here and a dedication page there makes it all REAL. Which completely thrills me!

So whenever I find a spare moment, you'll find this happy little author with her laptop, notes, colored pencil, and iced mocha, busily working away at Starbucks.

Kristina, Miss Delighted to Debut


Michelle Zink said...

Thanks so much for sending people to my contest, Kristina! I'm holding a different one for an equally awesome swag bag in July, so stay tuned...

On another note, why, oh, why can I never get my butt to a nice place like Panera or Starbucks to work? I have NO excuse! It looks so pleasant, but somehow I always end up planting myself on the couch to work instead. Too bad we don't live closer - meeting someone is probably the only way I'd actually GO.

Good luck on line edits!

Kristina Springer said...


And I would love to work on the couch but can't get a thing done! Little kids are so LOUD. :-)

Writing at Starbucks is really pleasant though!

Summer said...

your laptop is really cute!

DeenaML said...

Yay Tina!!! You are moving closer and closer to TWO books being pubbed!

Kate Fall said...

Wow, was the box really marked EXTREMELY URGENT? No pressure from them, right? :)

Emily Marshall said...

Yay for line edits and almost being done!!

Christina Farley said...

Thanks for sharing all your details. I'm intrigued by line edits.