Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Raindrops on Roses (or Whiskers on Kittens)

Tip of the Day: Be an ergonomic reader -- keep paperbacks on hand for lightweight treadmill reading, and hardcovers on hand for stationary/bedtime reading.

Here in the Rochester, NY area, we have one -- count 'em ONE -- indy bookstore that carries new books. Lift Bridge Book Shop in my college town of Brockport! They have a fantastic assortment of children's, YA, and adult books, not to mention a basement full of college text books.

I have ordered books from Lift Bridge for my holiday shopping, and the guy who handles the orders is always friendly, fast, and communicative. You're not talking to a pre-recorded message! For out of town friends and family, Lift Bridge will giftwrap your books for free before shipping them! I've used this service a few times as well and they do a great job.

I love my old college town and hope this bookstore is a staple there for years to come! Yay for indies! Buy from them when you can! When my book sells, I would love to have an event there. Who will join me?

Deena, Miss Subbing for Pubbing

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