Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What Economic Downturn? (or Turn That Downturn Upside Down!)

Tip of the Day: Want to drop 25 pounds in 6 months without even trying? Cut gluten from your diet! (Not me, the manpanion.)

In case you didn't realize, editor response times are slow. Some of my peers say slower than ever. I'm not surprised, and I don't blame those hardworking book lovers -- many of them are doing more work with less staff after the layoffs at this past year.

So what can we do to kill waiting time while subbing for pubbing? First, step away from your PC, laptop, iPhone, or whatever device you have that connects you to your email. (After you read this blog.)

Second, try some of these ideas (and no, I'm not going to tell you to write your next piece; you know that already -- right? :-p ):

1. Take a day trip to a beach, lake, amusement park, or nearby city. Walk the streets, paths, sand, or shore and take in the details: sights, sounds, smells. Make note of the tidbits you have to include in a future work. Rich details can be close to home if you look for them.

2. Visit your local library. Observe what books kids and teens are excited about reading this summer. Scope out the children's and teens' areas to see what's on display -- and what's completely checked out. Take home a stack of books for yourself why you're there.

3. Interview an older friend or family member about a part of their life that now seems outdated. What was important to people when your F&Fs were kids or teens? What stories does your family have to share about your ancestors that may inspire a new novel?

What do you do to pass the time while subbing for pubbing?

Deena, Miss Subbing for Pubbing


Kate Fall said...

Good call on local observation trips! I went to the local water park on Sunday and observed the local teens. Questions: why the 1980s neon and oversized sneakers? who convinced everyone those ugly 80s styles were cool? and how are all these kids getting tattoos when they don't look 18 to me? I know there's a story in that last question somewhere.

DeenaML said...

Oooh! Undergaed tattoos for sure!

Kate Fall said...

Oh, and the Highlights fiction contest for 2010 is about a family memory, so it's ripe time to interview those family members.