Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Writing Redux (or What Have I Done With My Life?)

Tip of the Day: Splurge on massages to keep your neck nimble during all those hours hunched at your desk or laptop. Totally worth it.

In last week's post, I mentioned that I was rewriting my first of seven MG and YA novels that I've written. I know you're all just dying to know: "What happened to those other six manuscripts?" Well, you're in luck -- I'm dying to tell you about all 7!

MS #1 -- YA originally known as TUYEN. Completed in 2004. Completed again in 2006. Shelved in 2006. Resurrected for complete rewrite in 2009.

MS #2 -- YA HIDING UNDER THE BED. Completed in 2005. Completed again in 2006. Shelved in 2006.

MS #3 -- MG 24 HOURS TO POPULARITY. Completed in 2006. Heavily revised many times, latest 2009. Currently with my agent and awaiting submission.

MS #4 -- YA originally known as AURA BOREALIS. Completed in 2006. Heavily revised in early 2007. Shelved in late 2007.

MS #5 -- MG SOMETHING STRANGE ON STAFF ROAD. Completed in 2007. Signed with my agent based on this ms in early 2008. Subbed to editors in 2008 and collected kind rejections. Heavily revised in late 2008, back with my agent in 2009 and is with a handful of editors.

MS #6 -- YA SURVIVING LAKE NEADE. Completed for NANOWRIMO in Nov 2007. Huge revisions in 2008. To my agent in mid-2008. She gave me more revision suggestions in early 2009. I still love this book, and have a great idea to "fix" the MCs' ages (make them younger). Not sure when I'll jump into revisions.

MS #7 -- MG originally known as WHEN BETH CAME TO STAY. Completed in 2009. Revised and sent to agent in 2009. I am awaiting agent feedback.

As you can see, though I haven't YET sold (I will!), my books are not at all dead in the water. In fact, I'm really into MS #7 and feel like each book I write is better and better and shows my growth as a writer. I mean, how can anyone resist the story of a tween girl whose parents' bakery is tanking so she sets out to save it with the help of her new friend who struggles while her own family copes with cancer? Exactly! :)

How many mss are in your arsenol?

Deena, Miss Subbing for Pubbing


Kristina Springer said...

So cool to see all your books laid out like that! It would be neat to see summaries of each book. Maybe sometime we should do a books awaiting publication week. :-)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I find a story, or even just a fragment of a story, I abandoned years earlier, and I turn it into something new.

We never know which of those projects will find new life ...

DeenaML said...

Tina -- that would also be a good challenge -- sum up each of our novels in one sentence!

Jenn -- it's so true! There is never a wasted written novel.

Elizabeth said...

You will, of course, sell me a copy of "When Beth Came to Stay" after it's published! :D