Thursday, October 22, 2009

Espressologist: Concept to Pub Timeline

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Deena had the super fabulous idea that I should post a timeline of the publishing process for THE ESPRESSOLOGIST. Fun! So here goes:

7/19/06- I type up the idea for The Espressologist in a document cleverly titled “Another idea”. I open a new document, this one titled “The Espressologist is In”, and start writing the book.

12/20/06- Book is finished and I’ve revised as much as I thought it needed. Start sending chapters to critique partners for feedback.

2/2/07- Finished revising books based on critique partners’ feedback. Start querying agents. One agent asks for edits. Start edits for him.

3/1/07- Didn’t work out with that agent. Back to querying!

4/11/07- Receive two offers of representation from agents.

4/13/07- Signed with my agent, Jenoyne Adams (then, with Levine Greenberg Literary Agency. Now, BLISS).

4/14/07- Jenoyne submits THE ESPRESSOLIGST to 17 publishers.

4/19/07- An editor called my agent with verbal interest in having the book. Said more info to come.

4/25/07- First offer for book comes in! Whoo hoo celebration!

4/30/07- Second offer comes in! Yippee!

5/2/07- Agent sets up auction for 5/10/07 and lets all editors still reading know.

5/10/07- Auction day! Offers received from four publishers. Narrow it down to the two best offers. By the end of the day, decided to go with FSG for a two-book hardcover deal with paperback follow-ups a year after release.

6/27/07- Offer from German publisher comes in and we accept.

10/22/07- First Editorial Letter arrives and I start revising.

12/4/07- Turn in first edits.

1/31/08- First round of line edits arrive in mail.

2/28/08- Complete line edits and return to editor.

3/14/08- Second round of line edits arrive mail.

3/28/08- Complete line edits and mail back second round of line edits.

4/3/08- Third round of line edits arrive.

4/7/08- Complete and mail back third round of line edits.

4/9/08- Book goes to copyedits.

6/12/08- Copyedited manuscript arrives.

6/19/08- Make adjustments and mail back to copyediting.

7/1/08- Book flap copy arrives.

7/3/08- Second draft of book flaps arrives.

9/17/08- Book galleys arrive.

9/22/08- Make minor changes to galleys and mail back to editor.

10/6/08- Queries on proofread galleys come in.

10/7/08- E-mail back responses to queries.

10/31/08- First cover arrives.

2/20/09- Cover #2 arrives.

4/28/09- Cover #3 in the works.

5/2/09- Receive Advanced Readers Copies. So cool!

6/30/09- Final cover arrives and I LOVE it! Yay!

7/12/09- Attend ALA in Chicago for the weekend. Sign ARCs. First signing!

9/12/09- First copies of final book arrive! Beeeeautiful!

10/27/09- THE ESPRESSOLOGIST releases! Party!!!!!!

Phew. That was long. And it took me forever to compile. :-) I stuck strictly to Espressologist related stuff in this timeline but it wasn’t all I was up to. During this time I also wrote Revenge Queen, Boy Swap, Night at Claire’s, three proposals, My Fake Boyfriend is Better Than Yours, and the first draft of Pumpkin Princess. Fake Boyfriend is my book coming out next fall and is in copy edits at the moment, just in case you were wondering. It might seem like a lot when it’s all written in one post like this but this process took almost three years from start to finish. Wow, huh?

Kristina, Miss Delighted to Debut (next Tuesday. Whee!!!!)


DeenaML said...

I am totally reliving this with you! Spring 2007 was so exciting -- and omg 2.5 years ago! :) WOO HOO for being ALMOST THERE NOW!!!

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

Was ESPRESSOLOGIST your first attempt at a novel? I'm curious because 9 months from concept through rewrites and getting an agent and a publishing offer is incredibly FAST! I've never heard of it happening that quickly for a new fiction author. Impressive and congrats!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Color me shocked, jealous and impressed that you finished WRITING the book in 5 months. Wow!

Kristina Springer said...

D-- Yay! :-)

KGL-- Thanks! Espressologist was my second book. I wrote my first book in spring of 2006 and started querying agents for that one in late summer of 2006.

KF-- Thanks! And I just write fast. I'm not sure how it happens but once I get going I just plow through with that first draft.

Kate Fall said...

This is so cool, Tina, and a great learning experience to see this all laid out. I'm glad you posted it!

Abby said...

That is so interesting - thanks for sharing!