Thursday, January 27, 2011

I'm a YA Chicklit Kinda Girl

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I LOVE Chicklit! I always have. So when I started writing YA Chicklit I knew from the start it would be something I'd love. Now, people are resistant to label things "Chicklit" or "YA Chicklit". Which I think is pretty silly. It's like saying, no, no, I can't like funny, entertaining books. Must. Be. Serious. All. The. Time. I only read works of great literary merit. No escapist fun stuff for me.


Have you turned on the TV lately? If Jersey Shore isn't people wanting to escape reality I don't know what is.

Note: Jersey Shore is NOT Chicklit. Just saying. So what is Chicklit? It stars a strong young woman (in the case of YA, a teen) trying to navigate the world and all the crazy problems thrown at her. It's often funny and lighthearted. And there can be romance too but it's not a straight up romance book because friends are often important in the book too. It's written for women (and girls!) who often can relate to the problems the heroine is going through with boys, jobs (school), family, and friends. You can often spot chicklit by the fun girly covers (used to tend to be pink but the cover designs are broadening now) and the often used first person present tense.

It basically rocks.

I don't know if other people would call what I write YA Chicklit (would you?) and I don't know what my publisher categorizes it as but my books tend to be light, funny, and sweet and that's YA Chicklit to me.

Kristina, Miss Author in Action


Fi-chan said...

*happy* I LOVE LOVE LOVE chick lit! And I'm proud of it. :D Oh, I also love chick flick.

DeenaML said...

I think ESPRESSOLOGIST is YA Chick-Lit and yes, I love it. FAKE BOYFRIEND could be but is it too young? Can middle grade be chick-lit?