Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Visions of Success For 2011 (or "Is This a Vision in My Mind?"*)

*With apologies to Stevie Wonder

Tip of the Day: I read 177 books this year. Want to see my favorite three? Click on my LiveJournal link.

Happy 2011, Readers! Hope your New Year has kicked off right. I'm glad to have survived the shortest day of the year and am happy to be back posting on A2A! It also means that the publishing peeps in NYC are coming back to work!

We're talking about our writerly visions for 2011. Some of you may recall my completely failed and derailed goals from last year. Um, yeah, new approach this year:

1. First, to be literal, I am envisioning myself:

a. writing with excitement and enjoyment every time I sit down in front of Word, and
b. being able to write harder books with new skills (for the YA with alternating time period chaps, and the YA with two first-person povs I've got percolating).

2. I'm visualizing my YA PfF going out into editor world, and I'm hoping that editors will love reading this book as much as I enjoyed writing it.

3. I'd like my labor of love YA, SDT, that I worked on at the Falling Leaves Retreat in November, to reach the point where it's ready for the light of editor world.

(Hey, I can't be Miss Subbing for Pubbing without putting it out there for this (3.) and (2.) above!)

4. I have a vision of preparing two YA book proposals for my agent (the ones alluded to in (1.a.) above).

5. For A2A, I see weeks of fun post, collaboration with my writing peeps, and all new interviews and guest posts -- another great year!

6. I'd like to read 200 books in 2011, but with an impending wedding and honeymoon to plan and attend, I won't be too sad if I don't reach it again this year. :)

Anyone else planning a wedding on top of writing and working this year? ;-)

Deena, Miss Subbing for Pubbing

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Kate Fall said...

Deena, you're such an inspiration. I can't wait to read your new novels.