Thursday, September 15, 2011

I'm Such a Floater

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I'm such a floater. If you've ever watched Big Brother (finale was last night! Don't worry, I won't spill in case you've DVRed) a floater is the person who never really commits to one side, just bounces back and forth between the different teams in the house. And doesn't give any of the competitions their all. Because they know they can bounce back to the other side at any time.

Sigh. That's me this week. I can't commit to a project. I'm all geared up to write a new book but which one? I had started a YA before this last book that I wrote but put it aside to concentrate on said book. So it's still there, all pretty and outlined (chapter by chapter too I should add-- I spent tons of time on it). And the first three chapters are polished. I should just pick it right back up and go.

But, there's that new idea that's been nagging at me this week too. I think it would be a great hook and a fun book. But it's starting from scratch. So maybe I should hold off and go back with the one I already started.

Oh, but there's that middle grade too. I wrote a synopsis for it and it would be so cute and fun to write. And I haven't written a middle grade in awhile. I should definitely start there.

See what I mean? I've been bouncing between projects all week and can't seem to settle on one. Do you ever find that you're a floater with your writing?

Kristina, Miss Author in Action


Kate Fall said...

I hate being stuck in that limbo. It's so hard to figure out which project people would want to read first. Which project is getting the most enthusiasm from your critique partners?

Carmella Van Vleet said...

*raises hand*

Yep. I tend to float too. I like Kate's idea about getting a feel from your critique group. But I also try this technique. Imagine you've written all the books and you're standing in a book store with them on the shelves in front of you (facing out, of course!) - which book would you pick up and read? Today, right now?

I think my writing goes so much better when I'm writing for the reader in me, so this technique works. Well, most of the time! Sometimes, I still find myself floating.