Wednesday, December 5, 2012

eReading v. Paper Reading (or We Are Living in a Digital World and I Am a Digital Girl*)

*With apologies to Madonna

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Last Christmas, my mother bought me a Nook Simple Touch.

I was excited to own an ereader because a) I wanted firsthand experience with the new technology that we'd be promoting at my library with our OverDrive ebook lending platform, and b) I wanted to easily read some ebook-only novels on a nice matte screen.

Skip ahead 11 months into ereader ownership. Do I prefer digital words to printed? Let's find out.

1. When flying (lighter packing)
2. When on the exercise bike/elliptical machine (easier to hold onto with sweaty hands/less finger strain)
3. When a good sounding book is only epubbed
4. When reading in bed (easier to read with less moving (yes, I'm lazy right before sleepy time))
5. When I want to read something very fast (it's easy for me to skim with one-touch page turning)
6. When I want a book immediately (wifi connection!)

1. When flying (can still read during "no electronic devices may be turned on" period)
2. When at the library/bookstore (can easily/quickly flip through, read random pages, see if the book is for me)
3. When the cover is gorgeous and I want to look at it again and again
4. When the formatting of the ebook is messy/hard to read (has happened with self- and trad-pubbed books)
5. When reading picture books (I like the images big and bold)
6. After I've been staring at a computer screen all day at work (need a break from screen time)
7. When doing book talks to teens (they can see the whole package of what they're getting -- length, tone from book design, etc.)

From these lists I can easily say that both types of books have a place in my life, and I don't want to see either go away any time soon.

What do you prefer about each type of book/reading experience?

Deena, Miss Subbing for Pubbing


Kate Fall said...

I love the instant gratification of e-book buying. But nothing can replace wandering through shelves looking at lots of real books.

DeenaML said...

Kate, I went from work (library) today to B&N to write, and ended up browsing basically the whole bookstore, and then put a hold on an adult ebook from OverDrive. :-P

Anne M Leone said...

Hah! You must be another frequent traveler! I absolutely agree about ebooks driving me nuts on planes! Especially when I want something to distract me during a long and bumpy descent!

A great point that both formats have benefits in our world.

Ann Herrick said...

I really like both, though I'm probably reading a bit more on my Kindle now because it's so easy and quick to get a book any time I want one.

I do love seeing the cover of a print book every time I pick it up!

Emily Marshall said...

I much prefer reading ebooks now. Primarily because I read at night at its much easier than a book light. Plus it's easier to get the books. Though embarrassing story I was reading a paper book this week and constantly caught myself touching the edge of the page to make it flip. Guess its second nature now.

Only thing I don't like on my device I have a tendency to move a bit too much and constantly job ahead or behind pages.

DeenaML said...

Anne, I always wonder: could my Nook REALLY make the plane freak out? Not that I want to be the one to try....

Ann, yes, the immediacy of the ereader is addicting!

Emily, ha ha on you "touch screening" the paper pages! I have also accidentally brushed my sleeve across the ereader and turned ahead like 10 pages. Not fun.