Thursday, May 7, 2009

What Not to Wear (or somebody dress me please!) Author Edition

Tip of the Day: Do you want to laugh? Check out this music video a debuting 2009 YA author made about editing letters.

Last weekend I went shopping for clothes. And, I don't like to shop so much. I used to LOOOOVE shopping but that was when I could go out with a girlfriend and have a fun time. Now, it's generally a mad dash into a store inbetween a gazillion other errands. And I can barely put an outfit together when I have time so the mad dash route is not so great.

Here's the deal. There are these authorly events coming up and I'm going to need to dress appropriately. So what's the appropriate way an author should dress? Really. I need help.
Let's look at a few different situations. Take your average book signing. What should I wear? Should my outfit be different if signing at a conference versus signing in a bookstore?

And what about this. I have a dessert party to go to at 9:30 on a Friday night during ALA. What does one wear to a dessert party? Do I need to press the ball gown? Kidding. It's already pressed. But really, someone tell me what to wear! I asked my agent and she said she always wears black pants and a nice top to everything. Jacket in the car in case she needs it. But she also stressed that since she was an agent she had to be more serious and that I could have as much flare as I want.

I don't have a lot of flare. Anyone know where I could pick some up? :)

This is what I bought so far.

It's similar to this at least (and I'm going to stand JUST like that too. Sans heels. I don't do heels).

And I picked up a cute necklace.

The colors are similar but I bought bigger fake stones (and there were three of them). I was thinking maybe this for the evening party.
I also have a breakfast thingy to go to. Maybe another dress but something with color this time? Argh. I don't know.


Kristina, Miss Delighted to Debut


Summer said...

both are very pretty.

Kate Fall said...

Yeah, I love that dress and necklace! Now leave the kids at home with DH, buy yourself a latte, and take your time getting your shopping groove back.

Jody Feldman said...

You will see *everything* at such events from jeans to dresses. You cannot go wrong. I usually wear nice pants/nice top ... sort of corporate casual but not stuffy. I always feel comfortable in that. Have fun!

DeenaML said...

You will be stunning in that dress with a necklace and some sandals.

Or if the A/C might freeze your legs off, Jody's idea of black pants and a cute blouse will also work with sandals and the necklace.

I'm so sad I can't be there!

Emily Marshall said...

Love the dress. Every author I've seen in person at conferences usually has a cute dress/pants outfit on. I think you'll be fine whatever you wear that doesn't have rips/holes or the like.

Have fun!!!

Lena said...

Jersey dresses with fun prints are always winners. Or cute skirts with a denim jacket. And big dangly earrings!