Monday, June 21, 2010

Blog Etiquette: I'm Following You, I Think

Tip of the Day: Starting to query? Check out this great post on starting at the top and doing the research at Writer Beware.

There are a lot of blogs I'd like to read. There's a lot of everything I'd like to read. I'm a reader. From time to time, I get worried that I'm doing this blogging and reading thing wrong. I'm a reader and a worrier. But what if I'm not following accepted blog etiquette?

Mostly I worry about technology. (I'm not going to leave a comment on your blog selling you something or calling out your politics.) Many times, I read your blog post and don't leave a comment. I nod to myself and think, "Yes, I enjoyed that," but I don't go through the word verification process to comment "yes." But you'd probably like to know I'm reading, right?

So then I should be your follower. And I want to be your follower. I use Google Reader. It has a Subscription list of blogs I've "subscribed" to with a subfolder of blogs I'm "following." I have no idea what the difference is! What if I accidentally "subscribe" instead of "follow" and the blog owner can't see me? What if someone who comments regularly here is thinking, "That Kate, she won't follow me, what a snot." Because somehow I'm subscribed to you instead. Are there people subscribed to me that I don't know about? Um, probably, given how confused I am on this distinction.

If you comment here, I've tried to go back and follow you. I'm probably reading your blog or your twitterfeed. So here's my chance to say: if it doesn't look like I'm following you, would you mind letting me know? Because I can see what my Google Reader looks like to me, but I can't see what it looks like to you.

Any tips and tricks on blog following are appreciated!

-- Kate, Miss Perfecting the Pages


BookChic said...

Are you following my blog? Because if not, you should. The main reason being that I'm so modest. :) (But also because Lisa Schroeder is guest posting on it later today, like in an hour)


I love my Google Reader; it's so easy to just follow a bunch of blogs and just read from the same place. I clean out my Reader as much as I can every day while at work (it's a nice reprieve- do a few minutes of work, read a blog post, do some more work, read a blog post, etc.). Fun times.

DeenaML said...

Kate, I also have blog guilt! Like when I don't comment on everyone's or read all the ones I want to. :-p

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