Monday, June 28, 2010

So How's the Summer Schedule Going?

Tip of the Day: Set ground rules for your tween's first cell phone, such as "The phone should not be used as a pager for Mom when you're too lazy to walk downstairs."

Two weeks ago, I unveiled my summer schedule. No more baseball practice! No more piano lessons! Instead of taking my kids to activities, I planned to use the time between dinner and the kids' bedtime for writing. Why not? It was basically free time in my schedule. What could possibly go wrong?

So let's check in on my summer writing schedule progress. The first thing I did last week with my scheduled time block was

... buy a bike! Well, okay, that's not writing, but I really need the exercise. A bike will make it easier for my exercise not to interfere with my writing time. So the next thing I did was

... challenge my husband to ladderball! That qualifies as exercise too, right? No? That's alright, I can catch up on writing time over the weekend. It rained all day on Saturday. Perfect writing weather. So I

... took the kids to see Toy Story 3.

Alright, I have no excuse for that one. Obviously I have trouble sitting still in the summer, especially after working in a cubicle all day. It's time to remember that writers have to give things up to write. The time will never land in my lap. I have to wrest it away from summer fun. So last night I did the only reasonable thing I could.

I went to the lake. Ooh, pretty herons.

-- Kate, Miss Summer Slacker Who Needs to Get Sick of Nice Weather ASAP


DeenaML said...

No! Keep the nice weather! :-p But I hear ya. I wrote a ton on Sat night, none on Sun and am working on opening my Word doc now...

jFosberry said...

It sounds just like my summer. Although I am definitely relishing the sleep-in mornings and not being a homework drill sergeant, there is less time to write than I thought. Although I hear that Toy Story was really great, probably should prioritize that, don't you think?

Amanda said...

It's tough in the summer! I have four at home, and though we're not running around as much either, I find myself very easily getting sucked into summer fun. Then, I'm staying up too late at night to make up for it. Good luck with the schedule~