Monday, June 14, 2010

I Think I Have Dark and Edgy Overload

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Has anyone seen the new ALICE IN WONDERLAND? What was that? Sure, it was visually stunning, but I expected the combo of Alice in Wonderland and Tim Burton to add up to something with a sense of humor. I mean, Alice in Wonderland without wordplay! Really, Mr. Burton? There was more humor in SWEENEY TODD. And possibly fewer decapitations.

Why does absolutely everything have to be dark and edgy these days?

Maybe it's just me. I've always written funny novels, and now I'm writing one where I can't insert jokes and obnoxious dialogue without breaking the tension and atmosphere. It's killing me. I'm taking it out in other areas of my life. Like today at work, someone wanted to know what to do with unassigned pages, and I suggested origami swans.

Fortunately, I'm reading Michelle Jaffe's BAD KITTY, which is the perfect antidote for overdoses of gloom and doom.

I'd love to know if I'm the only one sick of black book covers and the epic, humorless struggle of evil against possibly-not-as-evil. I sincerely hope we do not leave the graduating classes of 2010 with their only memories of humorous entertainment consisting of ICarly and The Suite Life of Zach and Cody. Oww, that thought made my brain hurt.

-- Kate, Miss Perfecting the Pages

EDIT: I just realized time is ticking away on Tina's MY FAKE BOYFRIEND IS BETTER THAN YOURS contest. Today's the last day: take a look!


BookChic said...

LOL, I had the same problem this weekend!! I did enjoy Alice in Wonderland though, and thought it was funny enough. But anyway, I'd just finished up a book and was trying to find something funny and realistic in my massive TBR pile and it was a tough find! I was looking for something with no paranormal elements, no serious books. I just wanted funny and contemporary; I found it in Into the Wild Nerd Yonder by Julie Halpern. But aside from that book, I had maybe just a couple others that were funny and didn't have a paranormal creature (Fat Vampire is on my shelves, so I contemplated reading that). What's going on? Where are the Meg Cabots and Michele Jaffes of today? I do have Kristina Springer's upcoming book, but that's not out until August, so I wanted to wait on that.

By the way, I loved Bad Kitty and its sequel (and the first manga), so it was awesome to see it mentioned here. It seems like no one's read that book, even though they should because it's so awesome. I got to meet Michele for a bit after her panel at BEA (she is so hilarious in person) and am excited for her upcoming release, which will be very different from Bad Kitty. I'm sure the humor will be there, but it is dark and edgy.

What's also funny about this is that I'm working on a new story that I'm calling my "Funny Gay Paranormal". It will not be dark and edgy, and will essentially be a rom-com with a paranormal creature (guardian angel) thrown in. No big battles between good and evil, just some angst, love triangles, and humor. Hopefully it'll turn out well.

OK, I think I've rambled enough, lol. Enjoy Bad Kitty!

DeenaML said...

BAD KITTY is great. And the non-dark thing is one reason I love Tina's books! Ironically, I am writing my "lightest" book ever now....

Lisa Schroeder said...

Kate, that's so funny. Alice in Wonderland came from netflix this weekend. I put it on, watched about 30 minutes and was like, WHAT??? I didn't finish watching it. Just not my thing...

Christina Farley said...

Dark and twisted seems to be all the rage doesn't it. I do love your sense of humor. It's so fun and so you! I loved Bad Kitty too. So funny.

Emily Marshall said...

Kate this is hillarious. I completely agree. I need humor in my books and movies. I like dark sometimes, but there's plenty of us out there that really don't want to read just dark and edgy all the time.

Kate Fall said...

BookChic: Wild Nerd Yonder has been on my virtual TBR pile ever since I saw the trailer. I think you've inspired me to bump it up. Good luck with the WIP; it sounds fab.

Emily: Exactly! I'm not saying I don't like gothic from time to time, but it's like hot sauce. I love me some hot sauce but not on everything including ice cream!

Lisa: I'm waiting for Disney to release Goth Bambi. The hunter who kills his mother will be either a vamp or a werewolf.

Christina: Thank you!!!

Deena: Yay for Tina's next release!

Kristina Springer said...

Book Chic-- yes, isn't Julie Halpern awesome? :-) Good luck with your WIP!

Everyone-- I agree! More light and funny! So tired of dark stuff!

And thanks for the Alice in Wonderland warning! My kids have wanted to watch it but if it's that dark no thanks. They cry during Little House on the Prairie when Pa goes up against a panther.

Kate-- Goth Bambi?! Hahaha! You know someone is going to write that now. And it will be a bestseller. :-)