Friday, February 29, 2008

A little rock-and-roll is good for the soul

Tip of the Day: Browsing the backs of CDs can be a great way to find the perfect title for your book.

On Tuesday, I went to a concert. I saw these guys perform:

I almost didn't go, because the practical side of me says there are more important things to spend my money on. But I've been working so hard lately, I REALLY needed a fun night out. So I did it. I bought the tickets, and took a friend along with me to experience the awesomeness that is Lifehouse.

The thing is, seeing artists perform, like singers or actors, or even admiring great works of art, helps feed my creative soul. I work in a job that doesn't allow for much creativity. After work, I come home, do chores, help with homework, take the dog for a walk, and go to bed. If I'm lucky, I read a little before I go to sleep. When I'm writing, I wake up early and write, and write a lot on the weekends.

It's important to find time in my busy schedule to be inspired. Music inspires me. Theater inspires me. Great books inspire me. Beautiful art inspires me. Sometimes, I have to invest a little time and money to go out and find the inspiration. And I'm finally realizing that it's definitely time and money well spent.

What about you? Are you inspired by seeing other artists perform?

~Lisa, Miss Pinch Me I'm Pubbed


Emily Marshall said...

Absolutely! I think there's just something about seeing another creative field in action. I'm inspired by American Idol and TV in general for that reason to. But live, is definitely a different experience all together.

So glad you had fun, Lisa. I think seeing Lifehouse in person would be amazing. I love their songs.

Kate Fall said...

I'm glad you had a great night out, Lisa!

Yes, I'm very inspired by realizing how much artists practice, redo, and work, work, work to get to where they are. I love music but I also love popular art, like comics and animation. I recently saw an interview with Stephan Pastis (Pearls Before Swine) where he talked about the serious planning and goal setting he did to become a better comic artist--and the heartbreaking rejections and close calls. Really amazing!

Ghost Girl (aka, Mary Ann) said...

Oh, absolutely, Lisa! I need to take those inspiration moments to feed my soul, stir up some motivation, and just feel good about what I'm doing. A dear friend of mine is an artist who manages a lovely gallery here in our town. I just bought her the book Artist to Artist, a collection of quotations compiled by Clint Brown. I had just that thought--give yourself a snippet every day or a couple of times a week.

And Music has a huge influence over my sense of self, creativity, and well-being. I think the last concert I saw was...the Violent, maybe it was Neil Young. I can't remember. That means it's been wayyyyy too long!

Rhonda Helms said...

OMG I love them! I bet that was a fantastic concert...I, too, love experiencing other forms of the arts. I went to the opera for V-day, and it was AWESOME. I had goosebumps!!

DeenaML said...

It totally helps me to write to music, even though I usually find myself with the TV on in the background instead. But it's never too indulgant to spend $ on a concert you know you'll love.

Kristina Springer said...

Great post and yes! I love finding inspiration in different artists too! And while I can't write to TV or music at home, (well, I plain just can't write at home. Something about that any minute, "Mooooommmmyyy!" doesn't let me be creative.) I can write in Starbucks with the music blaring and people yapping away.

Ghost Girl (aka, Mary Ann) said...

I love to go to B & N or my favorite cafe up the street--very inspiration. Only problem is when someone at the table next to me has that voice. You know...the one that could break glass, even at a whisper, and you just can't get away from it. Thank Dog for my headphones and iTunes!

Lisa Schroeder said...

Yeah, it was SO much fun. I basically wrote my last book by listening to two of their songs over and over again. I was like, I want to create THIS mood in THIS book. I swear, I'll be putting Jason Wade in my acknowledgments if I sell it. :)