Friday, February 22, 2008

Taking a Break after writing THE END

Tip of the Day: Editors may be reading your blog. They like humor. They like wit. They like good writing. I have a friend who has had *two* editors contact her after reading her blog. You could be next! Put your best blog forward!!

I am currently in that in-between book stage.

Yep, I worked on one YA from last summer until about November, then started right in on another one and finished it up this week.




So now, the doubts start creeping in. Will I ever have another halfway decent idea? Will I ever write anything worthy of publishing? Will I ever write again, period?

Even after all this time (seven or so years of serious writing), isn't it interesting that I still wonder if there's another book inside of me? Does that ever go away?

I have some exciting presentation opportunities coming up, so even if I wanted to, I couldn't start in on another project right now. I need to focus my time and energy elsewhere over the next few months.

I'm looking forward to a break. To having more time to read. To just *being*.

Except the problem is, I say that every time, as I wonder if there's another book inside of me. And then, BAM, when I least expect it, a character starts talking to me or an idea falls from the sky and I get cranky if I take too long to put it down on paper.

What about you? Do you jump right in to another project when you finish one, or do you take a breather?

~Lisa, Miss Pinch Me I'm Pubbed


Emily Marshall said...

Lisa, huge congrats on finishing your latest book! Yay. Enjoy your much deserved writing break and presentations.

Me, I tend to try to take some sort of break. I think I need to make it longer this time, but I'm already itching to write the next book (which rarely happens that I have an idea I can't wait to start writing while I'm working on the current one, since most of my ideas I like to let sit for some time).

Ghost Girl (aka, Mary Ann) said...

I can absolutely relate, Lisa. The last book started coming out of me before I had even finished the first one, but now I'm floundering a bit. Nothing has truly "spoken" to me, yet. It doesn't help that we have so much personal crap up in the air right now, but I can't let that be the thing that holds me back.

Breathe...just trying to breathe again.

Read. Yep, gotta dive back into those fabulous books that keep piling up. I'll find inspiration soon.

Jessica Burkhart said...

Great post, Lisa! My break between books was yesterday. I took a break for 24 hours and it nearly killed me, LOL. :) I'm happily writing again and glad to be back to it.

Lisa Schroeder said...

Thanks, Em. It's on the editor's desk now. Let's hope he likes it!

GG - I think it's normal to not have as much energy or whatever to write when things are stressful. I know I have a harder time. I hope things settle down for you. In the meantime, enjoy your reading time!

Jessica - 24 hours??? Don't make me feel like a slacker. :)