Thursday, July 31, 2008

Starting to Freak out a Little

Tip of the Day: Don’t get lazy late in the summer (like me) and forget the sunscreen. Ouch.

It’s easy to pretend like this whole book thing isn’t really happening when you’re busy writing and revising and editing and when you have tons of time from book contract to pub like me (2 ½ years total). But things are moving right on along. I’ve been done with all of my edits on Espressologist for awhile now. My copyedits have been sent back. Earlier in the month I got my flap copy (the stuff that goes on the front flap of the book and the back ad for the book) and I LOVE it. It is so cute and perfect and I’m excited to see it on a real cover. I haven’t seen the cover art yet but I know that is coming next. Last week I even found myself on Amazon! I think that is when it REALLY hit me. This is real and will REALLY be for sale out there in the world for everyone to purchase and read. Oh. My. God.

Of course this is a good thing. A great thing! A fantastic thing! I’m not sure why this is freaking me out now. I mean, I still have over a year until it actually is on sale (September 2009). But I’m starting to get nervous like I really need to buckle down and start figuring out marketing stuff and when/where I’ll do book signings (another OMG in itself!). It’s almost like I’m getting the author version of Mommy guilt. “Am I doing enough for little bookie? Does little bookie have nice enough clothes (Web site)? Will little bookie get picked on at the stores (bad placement)? Is little bookie signed up for enough activities (signings)?” (Note: I don’t really call my book "little bookie". I swear.)

And then Em’s post last week about characters resembling people in your real life. Yikes. One of my characters DOES have a couple of similarities to a family member. It didn’t even occur to me until this week. The character is totally NOT this family member but after reading Em’s post I started thinking, uh-oh. What if this family member thinks I based the character on them and that I’m making fun of them?! Argh. And it’s too late to change anything.

See? It’s almost like I’m finding things to freak out about. And I have over a year to go still. Am I totally weird? Did you other authors freak out for months and months before your first book came out?

Kristina, Miss Soon-to-Pub


Anonymous said...

From what I hear, that's perfectly normal. I hope it's true, because I'm having similar fears, and I haven't even submitted my book(s) yet! Great post!

Tabitha said...

I read this laughing out loud almost the whole time. I'm not published (yet), but I can totally see myself doing the same thing you're doing now. Love the analogy to Mommy Guilt, too. :) Great post!

Jessica Burkhart (Jess Ashley) said...

You're talking to the girl in total freak out mode. :)

DeenaML said...

I think we should take bets on how many ppl ask if so-and-so in your books is based on so-and-so. :)

I know your book will do great!

Emily Marshall said...

Yeah, from what I read from other authors, I think this is normal. It's a shame it is, because I know I'm going to have it bad then.

And did you see newport2newports comment over on LJ after last weeks post. She said she went to a conference that featured memoir writers. And they were asked if people had a negative reaction to being featured in their books. Most of them loved even, even if they were portrayed badly. So even if this family member thinks its them in your book, then most likely they will be flattered.

Yay for almost seeing the cover. I can't wait to see it!

Kate Fall said...

You're on Amazon! How cool is that! I like how they set up "customers who like Kristina Springer also like" already.

Lisa Schroeder said...

My major freak-out came when I got the ARCs. I was like, holy crap, people are going to READ this. Well DUH!!!

It's totally normal. And get used to it. :)

Kristina Springer said...

I'm glad to see this is normal! :-)

And Kate-- wow-- I didn't see that feature! Now I'm going to be looking all the time to see what they think people would like to read if they read my book. :-)

Oh man Lisa-- I will SO freak when I see the ARCs. Is that when you let your family read it?