Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A2As School Days Giveaways: Day 2

Yesterday's winner: congratulations to TAMMI who won yesterday's book Fly on the Wall. Tammi please email us your mailing address at: author2author (dot) blog (at) gmail (dot) com to claim your prize. Everyone else, leave a comment today by midnight to be eligible to win today's School Days Giveaway.

The book I'm giving away today is: I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have To Kill You.

The reason I choose this book is because there's no way you could take the school out of this book and it would be the same.

In it the Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women becomes a character itself. From it's hidden entrance and identity as a school for spies to its classes and staff that make it unique. The school really makes the book.

So if you'd like to win this book about Cammie Morgan's sophomore year at spy school, just leave a comment!!

As for my own school, I didn't have as fancy a school as the one in the book (at least I don't think my school was an undercover spy school. Circus school, maybe, but not spy). I went to a pretty normal, small high school in which 90 percent of the people I had known since kindergarten. Despite my familiarity with the school and my classmates, my clearest memory of the first day of school was being incredibly nervous every year. I remember I could never sleep well the night before the first day, because I was anxious about my classes and general change. I was nervous my friends would suddenly forget my name, despite the fact I had seen them all summer. I was worried the teachers would give us homework on the first day, or that I would forget my pencil in my locker and I wouldn't be able to take notes. And tons of other thoughts that really weren't that big of a deal as I look back now.

I have no idea why I was so nervous every first day of school. Because nothing ever went wrong, and usually the first day was mildly fun getting to see people (aka boys) you hadn't seen all summer.

What about you? Were you nervous the first day of school or were you one of those cool and collected people that start everything new without a single butterfly in your stomach?

--Emily, Miss Awaiting an Agent


Ghost Girl (aka, Mary Ann) said...

Oh, Geez! I always had butterflies in my stomach when school started, but I couldn't wait! I would love a copy of this book. I've read a lot about this one on Kristin Nelson's blog.

My butterflies are a little different these days--worrying about my sweeties as they go to school on their own, especially my first grader.

BUT...that means more time for mama to write! (well, after she packs the house up and gets ready to move to Georgia...)

Anonymous said...

Ha! I WISH I could be one of those calm-and-collected types, but truthfully, butterflies have their own nesting grounds in my stomach. And they mate at a pretty rapid pace, I'll tell you.

Anyway, thanks for the giveaway. I've been DYING to read this book for forever -- it sounds like a great one.


Tabitha said...

Ooo, awesome book!!! I, too, would love a copy (obviously). :)

I was definitely NOT one of those cool and collected kids on the first day of school. I have always been incredibly shy, and tend to enter a room by clinging to the walls. :)

Anonymous said...

Wuhooh! I am thrilled about winning yesterday's book. It's the ONLY one of E. Lockhart's books I haven't read yet. Thanks, ladies. :)

Oh, and first-day-of-school-wise? I was nervous and butterfly-filled.

Anonymous said...

I was always nervous especially when I transferred schools. You don't know if the kids will like you, if your teachers will hate you, and if you'll make any friends. Dressing for school was always a big issue for me. Decisions. decisions, decisions...

I would totally love to win this book. It looks like an amazing read!


Anonymous said...

Please enter me!

Definitely nervous, but my curiosity always pulled me through. From the time I was in 4th grade, I switched schools each year until 8th, when I was homeschooled. So it was, "Hey, new school!" I was always--ALWAYS--a loner, so honestly, I never much cared about fitting in.

I kinda accepted the fact that I was different, and that there was bound to be -somebody- in the school who'd wanna be friends. I was more worried about teachers and the classes.

And homework.

We'll be homeschooling our daughter, so I'm nervous about -that-! Whenever I think about all that's ahead of me, the butterflies do start. But I'm excited, too -- it'll be so rewarding to watch her mind grow on a one-on-one level.


Anonymous said...

Only the wonders of school can make you so nervous to puke. Okay, maybe not throw up but very close though.


Carly said...

Yeah, I was always nervous, too, but it was the good kind of nervous... that nice feeling where you have butterflies, but you're not seriously worrying. I used to really like school until I got to high school.

Meredith said...

I love this series. It is one of my favorites!

I was one of the people who were always calm on the first day of school. It was exciting for me to see my friends again, even if I had just seen them the day before or even that morning in the carpool. The only time I got big butterflies at school was around test time. Especially the big standardized tests or the AIMS. Ack the AIMS!! (Luckily I passed that one on the first try!)

rosesaremyfavorite at hotmail dot com

Unknown said...

I wasn't usually nervous, but excited to show off my new clothes and see my friends. And the smell of new school supplies... mmmmm.

Carolina said...

I was nervous on the first day of school but then I was calm and collected until lunch came around. Thank god my friends had my same lunch.

Anonymous said...

I just transferred schools and I was nervous but it all has worked out!

MarjoleinBookBlog said...

I was always so nervous first school days! My stomach was always the worst part..The only year i did not have that was my very last school year!

D. Moonfire said...

I'm always excited about starting school, but usually it cracks soon thereafter under the sheer load of stuff given in day two. But, the new pencils and paper lasts for... at least a week. :)