Thursday, November 11, 2010


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I haven't been able to write in weeks. Does that ever happen to you? It's like my family life takes over and things are crazy and I just can't find any time to sit down and write. And I really need to! I'm supposed to be revising one book. I need to work on brainstorming new ideas. I started a book months ago, which I love, and I'm only like three chaps in so I really need to get back to writing it. But I'm so freaking distracted! I can't remember the last time I went into the coffee shop to write. So sad.

Maybe you can help me with one of my issues. My two-year old, my darling sweet two-year old, has gone loco. He's pummeling people with toys (balls, toy trucks, really anything he can) every chance he gets. The day care (he's only in there while I work out for an hour) is about to toss him. He's given my daughters bloody lips. And this weekend, we went for our Christmas pictures and the poor photographer was jumping around the room dodging the boxes and ornaments he was pulling off the tree and whipping at her head. I've discussed this with him repeatedly but he's two and, well, not paying any attention to what I say. SIGH. Any ideas? Is duct tape out of the question? I'm kidding. I promise I won't duct tape him. But I've got to do something!

Kristina, Miss See me on the Shelves


Ms. Yingling said...

I used to say to my very evil two year old daughter "I would like very much to read a story with/snuggle with/feed a cookie to Nice Nell but I can't find her anywhere. Do you think that Naughty Nell could go away and Nice Nell could come out?" She would then behave and we would spend some time together. Of course, I also taught her that "carrot" was a BAD word she should NEVER say. (She was calling everything "stupid'.) Really, she's 12 and so far no therapy bills!

Kate Fall said...

It's the change in the weather. You could move to Florida where you can always be outside. :) I swear, some two year old boys can be just like puppies. Good luck.

DeenaML said...

Tina, good thing he's cute! :)