Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I SPY...the strange ornament

Tip of the Day: it's not a good idea to search for a house right after you just move.

This week has been a bit crazy, which means trying to be creative has been put on the back burner. In it's place has been dealing with home inspections, mortgages, relocation companies, packing again, and a ton of other very non-creative stuff that's built to make you go crazy. Not that I'm complaining. Buying a house is very exciting! Just saying it would be nice when the next few weeks are over with. Anyone know of any packing fairies for hire?

I did, however, manage to complete my last assignment to spice up my writing. This week was to hang found objects from a tree. I'm not entirely sure how this helped with writing, but it made for an interesting project this evening.

And since I love Where's Waldo and I SPY if you want you can play a game out of what all you can spot hanging from a grass-like plant in my apartment (which if you squint, kind of looks like a tree :)

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