Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Library conference: the good bits

Tip of the day: warm apple cider is great on a cold morning!

All day today I will be in Indianapolis at a library conference (it must be the season for conferences--check Deena's posts for more great info). Most of my sessions are geared toward marketing. But there will be some authors speaking and general book talk.

Since typing a full blog entry on my phone seems like an unproductive use of time, I thought it might be fun to update the blog throughout the day (when I get a second) with twitter-like comments I think might be of interest.

8 am: Will Manley: (retired librarian and columnist for "American Libraries" and "Booklist"): funny reference questions: "need a book on inventions that haven't been invented yet" and "need a murder mystery where no murder takes place."

10am: "the accidental marketer" -- understand your audience, otherwise you can do all the promotion you want with no success. Because without a good product it's pointless.

11am: "community partnerships"-- find what you have to offer a business before approaching them with an idea.

2pm: most popular ya book the presenter had read recently was "I am Number four"

3pm: letterboxing is apparently fun!

Not too many author tips. But tomorrow Avi, Richard Peck and a few other authors are speaking. So I'll wait to give you the good stuff when I don't have to type on my phone :)


DeenaML said...

Cool post! Love the reference questions. Also just read about I AM NUMBER FOUR on the James Frey news links about his packaging company.

Kate Fall said...

Yes, google Google News for James Frey for that Wall Street Journal article. Both interesting and scary.

Once when I worked at B&N, someone asked me for "a book about the Soviet Union, the one with the red cover." Oh, the RED cover? Unlike every other book about the Soviets?