Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Age is just a number

Tip of the Day: sometimes saying "no" is the best choice. Even if it doesn't feel like it.

No matter how much older I get, I never seem to loose my teen spirit and mind set. Always having that eternal optimism or the feeling you can conquer the world, but having no idea where to start. Most YA writers are probably the same.

It's much easier to write from a teen perspective if you are easily in touch with your teenage self!

In the Great YA vs. MG debate, I'll Forever be a Teen. There's no getting around that. Maybe it's because of my love of romance and kissing.

Even though I know I'll never jump the fence fully and become Team MG, I'm still having fun dabbling in the Middle Grade World.

What's not to love?

  • You get to be even more odd with your characters and throw weird challenges at them. If you want to have a talking bird named Cat, it's not a stretch.
  • In middle grade fiction, you can have action that's faster paced and stories that move quickly along and get to the point. (And having read a lot of literary fiction lately, it's a nice change of pace :)
  • Your characters are truly just discovering boys and there's so many fun awkward moments you can write in for them because of it.
  • And life is so much fun at the that age!

So which team are you on MG or YA?


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