Thursday, December 8, 2011

Merry Christmas! Gimme Free Stuff!

Tip of the Day: Did you know there's a Web site for funny books by funny writers for funny readers? It's fun. I wrote a post for them last week about the funniest book I've ever read. Check it out.

I don't know about you all but my credit card is seriously crying right now from all the Christmas shopping! Which makes it a perfect time to get some free stuff. Specifically download some free books for my kindle (ok, I don't have a kindle. But I have the free kindle app on my iPad and iPhone). So check out what I found this week:
From Saundra Mitchell,

By Saundra Mitchell
Cover Photo by Luna Vandoorne
Parker Nixon has never been away from home. She’s never been in love. And she’s never been wanted for murder… until now.
The boy Parker got caught kissing last night turned up dead this morning, and there’s no shortage of suspects. Her reclusive father leads a double life, and the people at Stone Well Ranch have their mysteries too.
But then there’s beautiful, broken Brandon Beauchamp. He saved Parker’s life once, and holds her heart in his hands. But he may be hiding the darkest secret of all.
Visit this page on Saundra's blog to download the book for free!
Next up we have Danielle Joseph.
Indigo Blues
By Danielle Joseph

I never asked to be famous—or infamous. Such is my fate for briefly dating (and dumping) Adam Spade. Yes, the Adam from the indie rock band Blank Stare who wrote "Indigo Blues"—the song that gave the band overnight success, propelled them to New York City, and stole my precious anonymity. Now I'm pawed by fans, stalked by reporters, and pegged as a vicious heartbreaker. And Adam is still calling me. Doesn't he have better things to do?

With a hit single and a promising career, I should be on top of the world. People on the street are beginning to recognize me, which is cool. And scary. The band is counting on me to write another hit, but I can't stop thinking about Indigo. Why won't she answer the phone?

I believe Danielle's book is only free this month so act quick! Here's the link to it on Amazon.
And finally we have Megg Jensen.

By Megg Jensen
Forget prophecy. Make your own destiny. 

Sheltered from the outside world with no hope for escape, slave girl Reychel dreads her fifteenth birthday - when her master’s symbol is burned on the back of her bald scalp. Her best friend disappears the night before, leaving her to face the branding ceremony alone. She soon discovers nothing is as it seems when people desperate for freedom beg for Reychel's help.

Can Reychel learn to believe in herself?
Download it free here.

Kristina, Miss Author in Action


Kate Fall said...

Neato Tina! Now I need more time to read.

DeenaML said...

The thing about my ebooks piling up is that there isn't an ominous pile to remind me to read them the way there is for my paper books.... Too many good things to read!