Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sometimes you just gotta go with it!

Tip of the Day: if you get 12 inches of hair cut off, expect people to call you by the wrong name.

I'm notorious for changing my mind. This past weekend I got my hair cut off to donate for Locks of Love, which is a nice thought. But unfortunately it came with a decision of how I actually wanted my new short styled hairdo to look. Searching for "short haircuts for 2012," brought up way too many pictures of celebrity haircuts to choose from and there were only so many pictures of Ashlee Simpson hair styles that I could look through, despite the fact I had no idea why her image kept popping up.

Plus, I never really know if a stylist likes to have direction or not with a picture. I'm a trusting person, but after moving and switching to a new stylist it's kind of hard to trust them to understand your "hair speak." Especially when you are getting 12 inches chopped off.

So after a lengthy internal debate of "to bring a picture or not," I settled on the 101th picture (give or take), which was generic enough that it allowed me to point out general characteristics that I wanted but still gave the stylist some freedom to add personal touches. Because honestly I really didn't even care as long as it didn't look like a bowl cut.

In the end, the picture was a moot point because I had to get more cut off in the back, so it really ended up with me flying-by-the-seat of my pants when I pretended to know what words like "bob" and "fringe" actually meant.

However, the whole experience served as a reminder of the fact that I change my mind way too much and never just stick with something and go with it. Especially given the fact any style would have worked for me.

With writing that's kind of what you need to do: just stick to an idea and run with it. Being wishy-washy really doesn't get you anywhere. Except with far too many headaches, unnecessary revisions, and rejection letters.

So next time I'll save myself the time and just own my decision and move on! Unless of course it's with writing and all my critique partners tell me I might want to rethink my choices. In that case, it's a good thing stories are easier to change then sitting around waiting for your hair to grow (most of the time).

--Emily, Miss Querylicious

Que the dramatic before and after...


Kate Fall said...

Your new haircut is gorgeous!

DeenaML said...

I love the short hair!

Kristina Springer said...

I love it Em!!!