Friday, May 28, 2010

I've officially lost it

Tip of the day: Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend.

Lost what, you ask?

That loving feeling.

Oh yes. I have.

Last week, I asked the question, if a writer is struggling, REALLY struggling with a story, does it mean something?

Replies were mixed, and I don't know that anyone can know the right answer, because each book is different and each writer is different.

I kept going for a few more chapters, and then I threw my hands in the air and said, "Enough!" Or maybe I said, "I need cupcakes!" I'm not sure. It's all a blur now.

I'm setting the story aside for now. Because I decided, the biggest problem with the story is, I just don't care. There's nothing there to make me want to care about the story, the characters, any of it. And until I can figure that out, and make it something I do care about, what's the point? Because if I don't care, you can bet no one else is going to care either.

The good news?

I've already started a new story. One that is going to make me stretch as a writer. One that scares me, because it's complex in a way, and really different, and I don't have everything quite figured out yet. But guess what? I ALREADY CARE. This is a story I want to tell. A story that could fly or flop, depending on what I do with it. That excites me. Can I do it? Only time will tell.

So lesson learned this week - I *have* to care. What about you?

~Lisa, Miss Crafting a Career


Andrea Mack said...

Lisa, I think that you have to care about your story, because it gives you the motivation you need to take it to the end. Moving on to something that excites your mind is a good step, IMO.

That said, I know from personal experience that sometimes you can be excited about a story, lose the excitment, and then get it back again after leaving it (in my case it was left for a couple of years). So, you never know.

Kate Fall said...

I am intrigued by your new story already!

Like Andrea said, one day you may care about the people in your abandoned story again. Maybe the story needs a piece the universe hasn't provided to you yet. I'm glad you're writing something you're excited about now.

Lisa Schroeder said...

Kate - yeah, I think there's it. There's something missing from that other story, and I don't know what it is, and I got tired of trying to figure it out. I may return to it someday. Just, not today.

Lisa Schroeder said...

Andrea - you are absolutely right - if you don't care, what's the point? And if I don't care, are readers going to care? Uh, I don't think so.

I may come back to it. We'll see...

Ghost Girl (aka, Mary Ann) said...

Awesome, Lisa! I love that feeling of "I can't wait to see what happens next" as if the book is already written and you are just discovering it for the first time. That's what makes it hard to step away from the laptop and go to bed. That's what makes you leap up in the morning with nothing but thoughts about your ms and questions...lots of questions.

Perhaps that one you just put on the shelf will call to you in the middle of the night again, but I think you are wise to let her rediscover herself while the new WIP draws you into its intoxicating world.

Good luck!

Lexi said...

Yes, you absolutely have to care. Like you said, if you don't care no one else will either. Good luck with the new story!

DeenaML said...

Lisa, there is certainly no harm in putting something aside so you can be productive with something else -- no matter who is waiting for the book. Agents, editors, readers will wait for it to be the best you can make it -- whenever that is.. :)

Anonymous said...

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