Thursday, May 13, 2010

Skype School Visit=Cool!

Tip of the Day: Download Skype for free here.

I had my first ever Skype school visit yesterday and it rocked! Two seventh graders from Mission Valley Middle School in Praire Village, Kansas, e-mailed and asked if I would chat with their class and I thought sure-- why not.

And let me say this now, the skype school visit is the writing mom's best friend! I can't tell you how many times I've felt terrible because I had to say no to a daytime school visit. It's just impossible with the crazy daily schedule of driving my four kids back and forth to their various schools and activities. I've been able to do after school visits but that's only when I can secure a babysitter and still, there is some rushing around to get the last kid from school beforehand. But this skype school visit thing? Brilliant. This morning I got home from dropping off my oldest son and then the girls, and fifteen minutes after walking through the door I was doing a skype visit from my dining room. The seventh graders I chatted with were awesome! They each prepared questions and took turns sitting in front of the web cam to ask. They were a great, bright group of kids with a lot of interesting questions. And the visit flew by. The only snafu was near the end my baby insisted on getting in on the chat and climbed up on my lap to talk too. But no one seemed to mind.

Now that I know how easy and FUN these Skype visits are I'll happily do more with any classes that want to contact me (Kristina at KristinaSpringer dot com). And, last summer Kate Messner (author of The Brilliant Gianna Z.) wrote a fabulous article about skyping with authors and included a giant list of authors who skype for free. Check it out.

Kristina, Miss See Me on the Shelves


Lisa Schroeder said...

I've only done one Skype visit, but have another one coming up in June. I agree - they are awesome!! I hope to do many more in the future. Such a great way to connect with readers without all the hectic traveling!

Kate Fall said...

That's really neat. We need to keep getting the word out to teachers and school librarians!

DeenaML said...

I would love to do one in our library on the big screen...if I could be sure our equipment wasn't going to freak out like it has been lately. Still, might be worth a shot....