Friday, May 7, 2010

Why do I have to be so BORING?

Tip of the day: Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there! Hope you are spoiled rotten.

A week from today I will be in Rochester, NY for the Rochester Teen Book Festival. Or, at least, on my way to Rochester after my first ever red eye flight (by the way, if you have any tips on how to get as much sleep as possible on a red eye, I'd love to hear them). I heard today I'll be joining Barry Lyga and Robin Brande on the second flight and a kind librarian will be picking us all up and taking us to our hotel. It makes me a little sick to my stomach that they will meet me for the first time after I've been traveling all night and look like death warmed over, but oh well, what can I do?

Anyway, this week I've been working on the presentation I'll be giving three times during the day of the festival. And it's hard, because I don't have any cool background stories for my books, or anything funny I can share about growing up, or horror stories about how much I hated high school (I actually loved high school. Go figure).

So, what in the heck do I talk about for 50 minutes? I decided to tackle some of the "why" questions I get a lot from readers. Why do I write in verse? Why are my books about death? Why do I write, period?

I'm really afraid it's going to be BORING! Quick, tell me some funny stories I can throw in there to liven things up. Who cares if they're not mine, no one will know, right??

Please. I need some funny. Help!!

~Lisa, Miss Crafting a Career


Kate Fall said...

Oh, stop, Lisa, you'll be great! Mostly they'll want to hear about your writing and you'll have fun talking about it.

Emily Marshall said...

Just be yourself and they will love you! Funny stories or not.

Robin Brande said...

Lisa, I ONLY like to meet people after they've been on a redeye, so yay! Seriously, no worries! We won't ask you to talk or interact or do anything. We'll just tuck you in in the back seat and wait until you're ready to rejoin the world.

Looking forward to meeting you! And don't worry about the conference--the whole thing is so easy and fun, you'll have a great time!

Robin Brande said...

P.S. Can you tell by all my exclamation marks that I'm excited about the conference?

DeenaML said...

Robin! I assured Lisa that you are hilarious and will tell hilarious stories to fill any awkward silences. :) See you Saturday!

Robin Brande said...

Deena! Pressure!