Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A2A Teen Years: Yearbook Flashbacks

Tip of the Day: March seems like a good writing month...which is why I'm officially making it March Writing Madness Month.

This week we are talking about yearbook messages. I’m having so much fun reading over old messages in my yearbook, but trying to figure out what to share on the blog has been quite challenging. I’ve figured out that a lot of people wrote general (a.k.a boring) good luck message or stuff way too specific that no third party would understand.

Also, my senior yearbook is almost empty, since we didn’t get it till everyone was in college, which made it hard to reach people to sign it. Boo…(hopefully they’ve figured out a quicker way of getting yearbooks out to graduating students now.)

But here are bits and pieces that stuck out at me from some of my older yearbooks…

“When I have a bad day I can always look forward to you having a big smile for me and about 30 hugs to go along with it. I really do enjoy your hugs, but let’s try to have them in moderation.” (For that I'm sure he got 60 in one day :)

“Remember all of our guy talks! I know you will find that really built businessman that wears suits all the time and he sings 'She doesn’t know she is beautiful!'" (Ha…my husband wouldn’t know a suit if it hit him over the head…but he does sing. 1 for 2!)

“Thank you so much for making my endurance for patience very high.” (This came from a long, long entry after I apparently made one of my best guy friends write more in my yearbook. He proceeded to give me a huge story of how he needs patience around me. Ha. The stories were funny, but too long and too specific to share. Lesson learned: let people write as much or as little as they want!)

“…which reminds me of the other time you guys really made me happy. When you ran the Taurus through my dad’s brand new landscaping. That was highly intelligent.”

“Continue to do a good job being President of the Klutz Club!” (Still the President till this day!)

“Well you’re a wonderful person and we have a lot of memories. Like when you fell down the stairs in aerobics and then fell off the bars, that was so funny!”

“Someday I’ll be calling you up and asking you to represent me in my upcoming court battle. I’ll find your name in the phone under: Emily {MAIDEN NAME}, Attorney at Law.” (Not even close…and for that I’m glad!)

Oh high school. What good times!


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