Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Television to Book (or Visual Stimulation)

Tip of the Day: Actress Jennifer Lawrence will play Katniss in THE HUNGER GAMES movie! After seeing her in WINTER'S BONE, I think she'll be perfect! Funny that this week we are writing about how our TV viewing shapes our novel writing since my YA that is on sub was, um, highly influenced by a television show that I love. In the interest of secrets and surprises, I'm not going to reveal which one TV show influenced my current book, but I will share a few options (and these are all television shows I enjoy), some of which I would like to incorporate elements of into my future work. I love the cake episodes where the challengers make these incredible pastries that are completely edible. *Creativity* This show makes me laugh out loud, partly because of how closely it resembles my old office job.... *Hilarity* Watching the contestants make complete outfits in two days is just amazing. Tim Gunn rocks, too. *Visual drama & lovable main character* I have a thing for food and watching people cook so this show fascinates me. *Creating taste and smell where there really is none* Deena, Miss Subbing for Pubbing

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Andrea Mack said...

Since watching TV is part of my life, it would be hard for it not to influence my writing in some way. But I have to admit, I have at least two novels that have been influenced by reality television.