Thursday, March 24, 2011

Library Love

Like the rest of the A2A girls, I too love my public libraries! When I was a kid I would ride my bike there on summer days. When I was in high school I would study there after school and look things up in the Encyclopedia (do kids still use them? :-) ). In college I would camp out there all night and study for exams. As an adult I checked out every single girlie fiction audiobook the library had for long car rides/commutes to work, I've brought my kids there for countless activities, and I've checked out probably a ton of books/games/DVDs.

On my personal blog last week I talked about the new AMAZING library that just opened in my town. You can read about it here but I want to tell you guys specifically about the way cool teen section at the new library. It's gorgeous! It's separated from the rest of the library by a door so the teens have their own space. It's stylishly decorated with snowboards on one wall and a couple of walls of hanging beads that spell words. There are comfy chairs and giant bean bags for kids to sit on. And there are rows of sweet looking computers stocked with games. There is even a quiet room for kids to study in. And of course, all the middle grade and teen books are stored here. I can imagine that loads of teens from my town will be spending a lot of time there and I'm glad they have somewhere fun to hang out!

The ONE thing that I didn't like? ALL THE MIDDLE GRADE AND TEEN BOOKS ARE STORED HERE. Yeah. The sign outside the door says it's for 6th through 12th grade. I'm slightly older than that. Makes for a bit of a situation for me since I read MG and YA books. Maybe I'll have to hire a kid to go in and check out my books for me. :-)

Kristina, Miss Author in Action


Kate Fall said...

One of the town libraries near here has a teen room and I go in there for books. I don't even feel weird about it anymore. Believe me, you'll run into other adults too "looking for books for their kids" ha ha.

DeenaML said...

So do you have to sneak into the teen room??? :)