Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ebooks are here to stay...

Tip of the Day: yay for the snow finally going away!!

Ebooks seem to be more popular by the minute. Working at a library, it's definitely the hot topic of discussion right now, since a whole slew of people seem to have recently bought ereaders.

My husband and I looked into a reader, but not for it's primary purpose. Instead, we wanted one merely to get Internet access wirelessly without having to carry our laptops around our house and have a bigger screen than our phones.

My biggest reason for not buying a reader yet is because I borrow most books from our library and up until recently many of the libraries in my area didn't offer ebooks that could be read on most ereaders. But now that's changed.

Our library is currently in the process of adding ebook content for ereaders. From the library standpoint, it's just another book version we are getting now, in addition, to the hard copy. So it will be interesting to see if ebooks will replace the bulk of paper books in the near future.

Eventually I'm sure I'll get a reader to read books. I still love paper books, but the convenience will be nice. Currently, I could read stuff on my phone, but the screen seems to0 small for me personally, so have an ereader makes sense.

It does seem to present a lot of new issues for publishing companies and I hope everything works out where all sides are happy. Because this definitely seems to be how the publishing industry is going. I welcome the change, but do hope it doesn't effect the quality of books in the long run.

So...here's to change.


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DeenaML said...

I agree with you -- I will probably get a reader at some point, but right now I just love books and will wait for the final urge to buy a Nook. :) They have their benefits!