Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Love Affair with Libraries (or Booked for Years)

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Considering that my current career is Young Adult Service Librarian and it is no secret that I love my job, it would be pretty lame for me to go on and on about why I love libraries (why not????), so instead let me give you my history with public libraries the way I remember it.

Grades 1-2: Attended the summer First and Second Grade Story Hours where we sang songs, read stories, made crafts, and watched movies.

Grades 3-5: Attended the summer Third, Fourh, & Fifth Grade Reader's Club where we book talked, made crafts, and watched movies, often with themes each week.

Grades 5-6: Participated in the summer Reading Contest; read 101 books in 6th grade to win the Waldenbooks gift card.

Grades 6-10: Volunteered as a helper for the summer programs for grades 1-5.

Grades 10-12 + Years 1-4 of College: Worked at the same library in Hilton, NY as a Page/Processor/whatever else they needed me to do. I continued to help with the summer programs.

...AND THEN THE ONE-YEAR NON-LIBRARY GAP HAPPENED! I graduated from college and needed a full time job that the Parma Library could not offer me. I was hired in June as an editor at a legal publishing company, but after only three months I knew I couldn't do an office job forever so...

One Year Post BS Degree: Started MLS degree.

Three Years Post BS Degree: Finished MLS degree. Yay! And decided that despite my initial thoughts that I might be sick of public library work, I wanted to be a YA Librarian.

...AND THEN THE 3.5 NON-LIBRARY GAP HAPPENED! (To be fair, I did regularly visit the public libraries to check out books during this time, of course!) The thing with deciding that you only want to be a YA librarian is that it takes a long time to get a FT job -- but the wait for me paid off! (It also helped $$$ that I was still employed FT at the publishing company during this time.) Averaging one interview a year, I finally scored my awesome current job....

2008 to Present: YA Librarian!

I do think it's fair to call me a book nerd. Even more-so after I read over this post.... :)

Support your public libraries! We need your support!

Deena, Miss Subbing for Pubbing


Jennifer Hoffine said...

Yay Libraries! As an audiobook listener, I couldn't live w/o them.

Kristina Springer said...

Wow. You're memory is AMAZING.

Kristina Springer said...

Nice if I could spell correctly. YOUR YOUR YOUR. :-)