Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dream Land or Bust

Tip of the Day: never stop dreaming!

A few weeks ago, Tina posted that your life won't change drastically after you publish a book. Before she did I was actually thinking how wonderful a little extra money would be. Even though she did bring me back to reality, I still enjoy living in Dream Land, so I'll continue thinking of all the kick-butt things I would be able to buy once I sell any of my books.

Now to be fair, I don't write for money. If I did, I'd have quit many years ago. But on some level money would be nice as a validation of all the hard work. Writing a book isn't easy, so to accomplish that we all totally deserve something fun.

When my time comes, here are just a few things I'd spend my extra Benjamins on...

1.)  A maid: now I'm not talking about a live-in maid or anything. I won't be that spoiled. But a visit from Merry Maids every other week or so would feel like a god send. Because clearly seeing dirty dishes and stepping in piles of dog slobber and hair is not nearly as motivating to clean as it once was, especially after a particularly grueling writing session.

2.) Portrait-orientation computer monitor: of course after just recently getting new monitors, I saw that there are now ones that can be turned to portrait orientation. Why oh why did I not see these before? These would be perfect for a writer!

3.) A trip: really nothing in my life is complete without travel involved. So I would totally reward myself with a trip. Preferably to a continent that I have never been. Machu Picchu in Peru is sounding particular good to me right now.

4.) Debrands Ice Cream Sundaes: in my city we have one of the best chocolate shops out there, but they can be a bit pricey. They make sundaes that are to-die for. If in my Dream Land, I also wouldn't have to be worried about calories, then I would totally get one of these every week. Actually, I'd probably get one once a week, regardless of the calories--and make myself actually get off my butt and exercise--that's how good these are.

5.) Doggy Day Care: my dog's been through just as much torture as me during difficult writing days, since my office turns into a doggy obstacle course with paper thrown all over the floor, the poor guys needs a bone thrown at him--in more ways then one. We tried to get him a dog playmate, which didn't fair very well, so I think he'd enjoy a day out every week. And it might help me feel slightly less guilty every time I see his sad face when I leave in the morning. And if he's away from my house once a week, maybe there would be less hair on the floor and our Merry Maid wouldn't have to visit so often.

So back to reality and back to work, so all these dreams can come true!

But in the mean time, what would your Dream Land look like?

--Emily, Miss Querylicious

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