Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Obviously Not (or Sometimes You Just Need to Work Hard)

Tip of the Day: Proof that the truth can be stranger than fiction -- an entreprenuer from my city -- The Snuggery. What are your thoughts?

One of my pet peeves is when a problem in a fiction work is solved too easily, or too obviously, almost like the author didn't want to work a little harder to find a creative, unique solution that would surprise and delight the reader while adding more to the story.

For example, my 3-year old badminton net was totally falling apart and I had people coming over to my house to play lawn games. Options were:

1. Leave the net loose, flopping in the breeze, with a bent plastic post.
[[This, however, would not solve the problem; equivalent to an author not addressing a plot problem, inconsistency, or factor that the main character herself would not ignore.]]

2. Run to the store and buy a new net.
[[This would be a boooring solution, and could cause an unnecessary scene change (the store) and chapter to get there and back when the action we're getting ready for takes place in the lawn.]]

3. Scramble around the house to find bits and pieces of already owned items to rig up something that adds to the story/characters:

[[Like the shepard's hook pole (from main characters' wedding decorations), yarn rigging (from MC's home knit socks), and barbell pole (from MC's husband's weight set...that he obviously does not use). Plus now there's room for lightning to strike the net and set fire to the drought-ridden yard!]]

Look at all the story possibilities that can be added when you work just a little harder.

Deena, Miss Subbing for Pubbing


Jennifer R. Hubbard said...

"Look at all the story possibilities that can be added when you work just a little harder."

Plus, you can play badminton! ;-D

Emily Marshall said...

Ha. They were talking about the snuggery a few weeks ago on the radio station here, which shows you how big of news it is. I kept meaning to joke with you that you need to try it out :)

Emily Marshall said...

Love the net too!

Andrea Lipomi said...

The Snuggery got quite the outpouring of massage therapist feedback on my facebook page!

How is it the grass is greener here in Vegas than it is in Rochester? :P

DeenaML said...

Jennifer -- yes! No more writer's butt! :)

Em -- I love it when crazy ppl from the ROC get nat'l attention for their craziness.

Andrea -- Um, yeah, about that grass that used to be a yard.... And I loved reading the massage therapists' takes on the Snuggery!