Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Teen Me v. Adult Me (or Am I Becoming My Father?)

Tip of the Day: Don't stay up too late watching the Olympics Trials! (Or, conversely, stay up late watching the Olympics Trials to prepare for staying up late to watch the Olympics!)

For our male readers out there, I had to do an "Am I Becoming My Father?" post to accompany the similar post about my mother from two weeks ago.

In some ways, as an adult I am more like my father than my mother. For example, the following used to embarass me when my father did them, but now I also:

1. Can't keep my mouth shut when I find something ridiculous/hypocritical/dumb, even if I'm in front of a crowd (fortunately this trait got me off a murder trial jury).

2. Talk (too much?) to restaurant servers and other service providers (still not as much as Dad because I know from experience that they are too busy to chat forever, but I do get yappin').

3. Have food sensitivities to ridiculous things like iceburg lettuce (I need my lettuce green, thank you very much).

Are you more like your mother or father now as an adult? And which parent used to embarass you more?

Deena, Miss Subbing for Pubbing

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Kate Fall said...

Everybody loved my dad when I was a teen. That's why they call him Congenial Bri. He's a glass is half full kind of guy, and you can fill up the other half yourself, stop being so lazy. I think I have that attitude myself. I definitely got my sense of humor from him. He was never a routine curser, it was always these weird, obscene similies that would leave me trying to figure out how crazy a coked-up @#$#%house rat could get. So, you know, a love of the language.