Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Another day. More favorite authors!

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Continuing on with our posts about favorite authors. This post will be pretty easy for me. Sure, there's bunches of authors I love to read books from. And once I find an author I like, I tend to read everything they write. But there's really one author that stands above the pack that I autobuy all her books, and put down every book I'm reading when I get a copy of hers in my hand. And if you know me, this should come as no shock...

Meg Cabot

There's no denying she's the Goddess of YA Chick-lit or humorous book for girls. But there's really so many reasons why I love Meg's books that I have to do a Top Ten list.

No. 10. Meg was the author that got me hooked on teen books.

When I was in elementary school and part of middle school, I loved to read, but once I hit high school I stopped. I thought the books I was supposed to be reading where the literature books they gave to us in our English classes. And while they were okay and had merit. I found reading books about ancient monsters with lyrical language really didn't excite me. So I gave up reading. When I was in college, I discovered some "adult" books, such as mysteries, weren't so bad. So I started reading those on and off. But it wasn't till I was bored one day as an adult that I discovered my true reading passion was YA books. I was wanting to watch a new teen movie, and discovered I had so few choices that I hadn't already seen a million times. And for some reason I got the idea to read a teen book based on a movie. So I picked up the Princess Diaries book at the library and from then on I was hooked. I discovered all of Meg's books, and realized that I loved all her other stuff even more. So I branched out and looked up other teen authors. And found out, reading can actually be fun when you choose the right book. And really, the rest is history.

No. 9. Meg also grew up in Indiana. So there's a bunch of hilarious funny jokes about Hoosiers in her books. Plus, it's fun when you are from the Midwest to root for people from your home state. Kind of like Miss America. But with authors.

No. 8. She's incredibly funny. I don't know many people who've read a Meg Cabot book and haven't mentioned laughing hysterically.

No. 7. She writes so many books that I always feel like it's not that much of a long wait till a new one comes out. Which is an exciting trait in a favorite author.

No. 6. Despite the fact I've read all her books, she still finds ways to surprise me as the reader. And give me something I wasn't expecting.

No. 5. She always has cute boys and happy endings in her books. And really I can't read books without either of these.

No. 4. She's the queen of series. She's one of the only authors I read that does series better than stand-alone books. Which is exciting to follow characters through several story lines.

No. 3. Meg's the only author I will literally stop everything to read one of her books when it comes out. Because I know she will always entertain and put a smile on my face when reading her books. And sometimes all you need is just a smile, you know?

No. 2. I get excited to see what her new books are about and anticipate them long before they hit the shelves. Plus, she's said on her blog that she has so many book ideas that she's worried she won't live long enough to get them on paper. Having a favorite author make a comment that they have so many new book ideas gets me pumped up to read them all.

No. 1. She makes reading fun, which to me is hands down the No. 1 reason I like to read.

So thanks Meg for making so many awesome books!!!

And I can't close this post without giving an honorable mention to Sarah Dessen. I love her books for completely different reasons. She holds the record for having the only book (The Truth About Forever) that when I finished the last sentence, I flipped to the beginning and began reading again immediately after I finished. She also has a way of creating amazing characters that suck you in and won't let you go as a reader. Plus, she has a weakness for hot boys that some people in society would call "bad" but have a softer middle. Lucky for me I also share that weakness.

What about you? Who are some of your favorite authors and why?

--Emily, Miss Awaiting an Agent


Jessica Burkhart (Jess Ashley) said...

Great list! I love Meg, Kate Brian, Maureen Johnson, JK Rowling (of course), Stephenie Meyer and Sara Gruen. :)

Tabitha said...

Favorite authors? Wow...not sure I can whittle that list down to fit in this comment box. :)

But I guess there is one that holds a special place in my heart: J.K. Rowling. She inspired me to write for children six years ago - and I can't believe I didn't see the connection long before that. But I'm ever grateful to her for reminding me of my intense love for children's books. :)

Lisa Schroeder said...

Meg is just SO cute. And funny!!! Great choice. :)

DeenaML said...

Meg Cabot is amazing. I can't believe how fast she writes! And I agree with Sarah Dessen, too. Her blog is adorable.

Kate Fall said...

I listened to Meg Cabot read from one of her Princess Diaries books in a podcast and laughed until I got a stomachache. I definitely recommend listening to her read!

the story siren said...

I love Meg too! And I'm also a fellow hoosier!! Emily, i didn't know you were from fort wayne!! that is too crazy!! i live just outside of kendallville, in avilla.

Emily Marshall said...

Jessica, I love alot of people on your list as well.

And Tabitha, it is hard to get down to one author isn't it?

And I'm so glad you fell blog mates enjoy her as well. Kate, I'll have to listen to her on tape sometime.

The Story Siren, I have no idea what the deal with all the people online being from Indiana. It's seems like several people I've had that I've just discovered this for lately. It's a small world. I have a few family members from Kendallville. And my parents technically have an Auburn address. So weird how stuff like this turns up online. Anyway, I still consider Indiana home, even though, I'm not sure I'll ever live there again. We'll see.

Gerb said...

I'm another Meg Cabot fan. I loved the Mediator series especially. Too many other favorites to name!

Emily Marshall said...


The Mediator series is definitely my favorite Meg Cabot series. I love Suze. I really think they should make a movie off that book series.