Thursday, October 30, 2008

Drippy Drippy BLOOD

Tip of the Day: If you have lots of mini-snickers (say 11-ish) left after trick-or-treating, you can make Candy Bar Apple Salad by making a box of vanilla pudding, stirring in a container of cool whip, and folding in 4 chopped green apples and 11 chopped mini-snickers. It’s yummy. Keep it in the fridge until you’re ready to serve.

I love, love, LOVE scary books and movies. I always have. One of my favorite Halloween traditions is to rent a bunch of scary movies while we carve pumpkins and make pumpkin seeds in the oven. I even tried to write a horror book once (and I’m not even going to link back to the post on that—too embarrassing) before I decided that young adult fiction was my calling. And I haven’t come across any YA horror yet. Until now that is. Guess what I got for my birthday from a super cool friend?

Yes!! My favorite YA author wrote a scary book!!!

Ok, let’s start with the feel/look of this book. Seriously, you can’t wait until it’s out in paper back. It is just too cool as a hardcover. It’s a hefty size (444 pages) and it has THE most amazing cover. The word BLISS is written in raised up letters (blood) on the front. You can run your fingers over it and feel it. So cool. And there are blood splatters on the inside too.

Now for what the book is about.

Bliss is a girl who moves to the town of Mayberry to start a new life at Crestview Academy. She’s hoping to make new friends but is hearing a voice talk about horrible, horrible things (including blood). The school has dark secrets—like the girl who threw herself out of a third-story window long ago. And Bliss’s new friend, a girl obsessed with having people worship her, puts Bliss in the path of danger. As the cover says, “it’s a spine-tingling, unforgettable story of friendship gone very, very wrong.”

Ok, who doesn’t want to read that?!

So new Halloween tradition—every Halloween from here on out I’ll take the kids trick-or-treating, put them in bed, and then it’s a scary YA book for me!

Kristina, Miss Soon-to-Pub


Ghost Girl (aka, Mary Ann) said...

**Squeal** That looks fabulous!!! Gotta get it!

Lisa Schroeder said...

Even the way you described that book and the blood - EWWWW! No way, I'm not touching that book with a ten foot pole.

Lisa, the wimpy one

DeenaML said...

I first read it as an arc -- then had to FEEL the hardcover version when I saw it at the store!

everydayMOM said...

Tooooo scary for me! love seeing the other side of the ballet mom. Great talking to you this morning!