Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A2A Teen Years: Nutty Christmases

Tip of the Day: Don't underestimate the power of duck boots in Western NY.

At a young age, my parents were very good about some things. One of them was buying us kids very on-target Xmas presents. Yes, with three kids and one working parent, there would be no extraneous spending on gifts which could very well be either a) broken in five minutes, b) fought over in 10 minutes, or c) cast aside til the next garage sale.

So it is actually quite surprising that from childhood to teenhood, my parents consistantly filled my stocking with one gift that I never, ever used.


I still don't even know what those dark brown ones shaped like orange wedges are.

After years and years and years of me not eating the nuts, my parents continued to fill my stocking with them.* I assume it was more of an Xmas tradition than a true desire to provide me with someting exciting -- the grocery stores sold them in bulk for the holidays -- but for me it was always a disappointment to see that bulging stocking on the fireplace only to find that beneath the candy canes, oranges, and new crayons were piles of mixed nuts.

If I could blame it on the fact that they ate the nuts themselves, then it wouldn't be such a question of why they appeared in my stocking, but Dad can't eat nuts, and I never saw Mom snacking on piles of them herself.

So there you have it. Mixed nuts in the shell. The worst present I got as a teen...over and over and over again.

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Deena, Miss Recently Repped

*Mom and Dad, if you are reading this, no hard feelings, right? :)


Lisa Schroeder said...

ha - You know, I think it's a tradition from long ago. Kids would get an orange and nuts in their stocking, and be quite excited about it, as I understand from my grandparents.

My kids get a little package of Hostess donuts every year. Not very traditional, but much more yummy. :)

Emily Marshall said...

Yes, but it does make for nice memories.

And Hostess donuts, Lisa? Yum yum!!

Kate Fall said...

What are those wedge shaped nuts called, anyway? I think I would've been questioning Santa on that one.

Kristina Springer said...

Ah shoot. We all went in on the super duper sized nut of the month club for you!! There will b a 25-pound bag of nuts delivered to your door step on the first of each month.


Anonymous said...

Brazil Nuts! Yum!

We always got an orange at the toe of the stocking and always a new toothbrush and toothpaste (goes well with candy).


DeenaML said...

Brazil Nuts???? Lisa T, you've solved a 29-year-old mystery for me!

Tina, I'll make sure to send my nuts to the starving children in town.... :)

Shalonda said...

That's so funny. Every year at my aunt's house she would have the mixed nuts. I didn't really much of them because I could never crack the shells!