Thursday, December 11, 2008

Who Am I? The Search for the REAL Me

(Doesn't that title make it sound like this is going to be a DEEP post?? It isn't.)

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It's kinda crazy to think almost a year has gone by since we started this blog. And really, my name is still pretty suitable- Miss Soon-to-Pub. Obviously I meant "soon" loosely-- like somewhere between a week and two years. And now I'm even sooner to pub since it's only about 9 months away.

*Pausing to comphrehend this. Whoa. 9 months isn't all that long is it?*

Ok, I'm back. So, I guess I could be Miss REALLY Soon to Pub. But that's not so catchy. Let's look over some more options and if you guys think of anything else, please, let me know.

Miss Pumped to Pub- Pretty self explanatory. I'm pumped!

Miss Proud to Pub- And proud too of course.

Miss Reved to Release- I guess this is kinda similar to pumped. But makes me sound like a motorcycle. Vroom vroom.

Miss Ready to Release- I'm so ready! But, then again, sometimes I'm not. Sometimes I like to just look forward to it like Christmas. Though I have been looking forward to it for a long time. Ok, I'm ready!

Miss Dying to Debut- Huh. Kinda gruesome. Maybe dying shouldn't be in there? Though I DO like "debut" since 2009 is my debut year.

Miss Delighted to Debut- I'm kinda liking this one the most. What do you think? I am definitely delighted. Though, when you read this title does it evoke a picture of me standing above the words with a big cheesy smile and a tray of muffins? Like on a cookbook? Or maybe that's just me. I should probably stop writing down everything I'm thinking...

Miss Plans to Pub Plenty- This is my goal one. In 2009, I hope to sell more books. (Let's hope the industry picks up!)

So do any of these work for me? If you have any other suggestions at all please let me know!

Kristina, Miss Soon-to-Pub (for now)


Kate Fall said...

Your sense of humor is so great, you could be Miss Kate Can't Wait to Read Your Book in 9 Months. Other than that, I like Miss Delighted to Debut. It's a little Mary Poppins, sure, but it sounds like something you could repeat to yourself when you're stressed over promotion. "I'm delighted, I'm not stressed, I'm delighted."

Emily Marshall said...

Kate makes a good point about being able to repeat it to yourself.

I like Delighted to Debut the best too. And I didn't think of a cookbook till you mentioned it, and then instantly I thought of the Deceptively Delicious cover. But I think it was just the image you created and the "D's." But that book has done really well. So maybe it could be extra good to use this one to make you think of success too.

Lisa Schroeder said...

I like Miss Delighted to Debut too!

Christina Farley said...

I'm going to have to go with Delighted to Debut too.

Unknown said...

It seems y'all are having a bit of difficulty coming up with names that are adaptable to your current AND desired place in the publishing world. What if you adopted the name of one of your favorite book heroines? You could choose names of characters or authors that mirror your personality and/or writing style.

Just a thought...

Shalonda said...

I agree with you. Miss Delighted to Debut is so cute!

Ghost Girl (aka, Mary Ann) said...

Count me in, too. Miss Delighted to Debut!

Angela said...

I like the imagery of Miss Revved to Release! You've got to be super excited, adrenaline flowing, doing whatever you can to get your name and your book out there so that you will have a successful release! Good luck! I can't wait to read your book!