Friday, May 4, 2012

Blank Page

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...and so it begins...

Is there anything more frightening than a blank document? It's possible you've outlined your book and you're confident in the direction it's going to take. Or maybe you're like me, writing on faith with only an inkling of what's to come.

The first word and first sentence carry a lot of weight. Every writing class you take tells you that your first page needs to be the strongest part of your novel. No pressure, right? Ha! The first blank page of a new document can be really intimidating.

This is how I used to feel.

That's right - used to.

Before I started self-publishing, I thought that writing the book was the hardest work I would ever do.

After experiencing the roller coaster of self-publishing, I can tell you now that the greatest joy in this whole experience is in creation. Writing is why I got into this business. Writing is in my soul. Why would I be afraid of the one purely creative outlet in my life?

Don't think about publishing when you're writing.

Please, don't throw highlighters and red pens at me. I'm talking about the first page of the first draft, here, people, not the entire process. Write with abandon. Write without fear. Allow your inner creator to play in the finger paints with her toes. Give yourself over to the one time in your writing when you should be letting loose.

Tamp down those fears that your book won't be marketable. Don't worry about wasting time on something you might not sell. Here's the thing - YOU NEVER KNOW. Your way-out idea could be the next high concept trend.

When you're facing that first blank page, kick fear on the butt. Go with your flow, your spirit, your muse, doesn't matter what you call it, just run with it.

If you're not creating, then there will be no content to eventually publish.

Megg, Miss Enchanted ePubber


DeenaML said...

You know what? You're so right! The blank page is your permission to do whatever you want. Later on in the process you don't have that freedom anymore. Good point.

Kate Fall said...

I like putting "Chapter 1" at the top of my page. At least I have two words down and that's a start. :) Here's to kicking fear in the butt!

Bonnee Crawford said...

If you're not in it for the love of it, you've got a lot less chance of nailing that first page. This is some pretty good advice, so thanks for sharing.