Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Making your Manuscript Beautiful

Tip of the Day: check out this post at theadventurouswriter.com about 17 Reasons Manuscripts are Rejected. My favorite is because "the book is too complicated to be published." This one is especially important for me right now, since sometimes writing mysteries I have a tendency to over think things and want to make my manuscript way more complicated then it needs to be. Reining in sometimes is just as important as including lots of great details and descriptions.

Went to see my niece's fifth grade production of Beauty and the Beast this evening, so now I have nothing but adorable images of all the cast in my head. I also don't have much to share this week, so instead all I will say is good luck turning your "Beast" of a manuscript into a "Beauty."

According to the story, all the beast needed to turn back into a prince was the love of a woman. So going on that logic than I guess all you need to have a great story is to inject it with lots of love! Which I guess I need to do this week, especially since all I can see is all the negative to the story and it's looking very beastly to me. Maybe regrouping and then trying to remember all the positive and falling in love with my characters again is exactly what I need to do. Then the rest should flow from there.

At least let's hope so.

--Emily, Miss Querylicious

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