Monday, August 20, 2012

Writing Alone. Sort of.

Tip of the Day: Help me congratulate my online crit partner S.J. Laidlaw on the new cover release for her upcoming YA, Infidel in Paradise! I'll be interviewing her here soon.

The kids are going back to school! Woo-hoo! I can't wait to reclaim some writing alone time. Not that I'm ever actually alone. My writing buddies are my dog Hudson and my cat Caesar, and they help keep me sane. My writing time often goes something like this:

Me: I just don't have a hook on this new novel. It's just a bunch of ideas thrown together because I suck.
Caesar: *jumps on my lap* Who cares? Pet me.
Me: I don't even know who would read this. Oh, you're so fluffy! But I'm worried about the lack of a hook.
Caesar: You should be worried about a lack of cat treats in the house. Scratch under my collar.
Me: You're so cute. What was I worried about again? Can I kiss you?
Caesar: Okay, but I'll run away.
Me: I have to kiss you anyway.

Hudson: Oh, good, the cat's finally gone. Can I sit next to you?
Me: Of course. My novel kind of sucks. What should I do?
Hudson: Rub my ears. *Big Dog Sigh* Nobody ever rubs my ears.
Me: I rubbed your ears this morning.
Hudson: Really? I'm a dog. I'm not good at retrieving short-term memory.
Me: It's not your fault. Give me your ears. Can I kiss you?
Hudson: I wish you would. Nobody ever kisses me.
Me: I kissed you ten minutes ago.
Hudson: Really? You're so smart. You're the smartest human ever. Your novel will be genius. You probably just need to take me for a walk.
Me: You're right. Some Vitamin D will get my brain going.
Hudson: I don't know what that means. I'm a dog.
Me: I'll get your leash.

Hudson: Listen, Cat, don't try to run outside with us. She's stressed enough.
Caesar: Nah, I'll just make a feint for the door for the look of the thing. I'm planning to expand the hole in the sheetrock I've been working on while you're gone.
Hudson: How's that going to help with her novel?
Caesar: Help who with what now?
Hudson: When we come back in, if she looks like she's going to cry in front of the computer thing, jump on her head.
Caesar: How would I recognize when ... never mind. When I get hungry, I'll jump on her head.
Hudson: Ooh, good plan.

-- Kate, Miss Perfecting the Pages


Jennifer R. Hubbard said...

It's a pet conspiracy!

Carmella Van Vleet said...

Hudson: When we come back in, if she looks like she's going to cry in front of the computer thing, jump on her head.

This made me laugh out loud! Enjoy your extra writing time. I'm with Hudson - your novel will be genius. :-)

Emily Marshall said...

too funny!

DeenaML said...

It's like James Howe's HOWLIDAY INN. :)