Friday, August 24, 2012

Writing to Sexy Trends

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You may have heard, erotica's really hot now (haha, bad pun, I know).

As a self-pub, I can switch gears, and genres, ten times a day if I want to.  If I want to write erotica, I can. I can come up with a new pen name like Kitty Malone and publish naughty stories until I'm a bajillionaire (that's where the money's at right now).

But I'm not going to. I don't read erotica, so I don't really know how it's written. I'd probably develop a permanent blush. The last time I read an erotica novel, back in the last century when I was working at a used bookstore and we got in one of Anne Rice's erotic pieces, I think I was pink for a week. It was great, but it just wasn't my ball gag, you know?

Here's the bigger reason I won't write it, though: I write because I love to follow my muse. I spent seven years as a freelance parenting journalist writing about baby poop and C-sections. Even though I made decent money at it, I hated writing about topics I wasn't passionate about. I had my own babies at the time. I was living, and breathing, that lifestyle. That's when it hit me - I needed an escape from the normal. That's when I allowed my muse to lead me back into the fantastical stories I'd written for fun since the age of seven.

Writing is my escape. It's my way to honor my soul (or what my family would call my weirdness). While I loooove making money, I'm in looooove with writing from my heart.

And if erotica is in your soul? Then GO FOR IT! I know lots of people who love to read it and have always secretly wanted to try writing it. I say, do it, but only if you love it. Readers are smart - they'll know if the author isn't enjoying herself (ha! another bad erotica pun!).

Don't write to trends - write in sync with your heart! <3

Megg, Miss Enchanted ePubber

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