Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tips for My First Writing Conference?

Tip of the Day: Have you guys seen Nathan Bransford's Publishing Process in GIF Form? SO FUNNY.

I've kind of done things backward in this writing career of mine. Normally people join SCBWI and critique groups and work toward getting an agent and publishing. I sold my first book in 2007 and joined SCBWI-IL a few years after that. I've only just recently have started being more active with what it has to offer. I went to my first SCBWI-IL event over the summer at Chicago's Printer's Row. And I've never attended a writer's conference as an attendee before. I've been to conferences as a speaker or panelist or just to sign books. But not just to learn and work on my writing. But this all changes in November. I'm so excited to finally be going to SCBWI-IL Prairie Day! I mailed my entry on the day registration started so I even got all of my workshops and breakout session picks! Yay!

So tell me, what do I have to know? Got any tips for me to make this a great first writing conference? I know I should carry things like business cards, pens, a notebook, my bookmarks, and a bottle of water. But will I need anything else? Do people carry their writing samples on them? I'm not sure why I'd need to do that actually but I thought I'd ask. Any networking tips? How do you dress for an all-day writing conference? I'd love any advice!

Kristina, Miss Author in Action


Jennifer R. Hubbard said...

Writing samples: only if you're attending a pitch session or doing a workshop that focuses on revising your existing work.

Networking tips: Just say hi to everyone. Writers are usually a friendly crowd!

Dress: Nice but comfortable, and with layers since rooms can range from too hot to too cold.

Have fun!

Megg Jensen said...

I think you should wear a ballgown stitched from your covers. You're crafty, go for it!!!! ;)

Kate Fall said...

Ha Megg! But seriously, layers. Some of these venues are cold. One year I put slipper socks in my manuscript bag. I didn't regret it!

DeenaML said...

Ditto layers!

And you are chatty, so go with that. Ask ppl what they write and they will ask you the same!