Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Outdoor Attraction (or Locked Inside?)

Tip of the Day: Want to laugh? Check out Bravo's Work of Art.

It's July 14th, which means I have 16 days remaining in my self-imposed deadline to complete my WIP. I think I have about 70 pages more to write. That doesn't mean I can't spend time...researching reality TV shows like the one in my WIP by watching Bravo and Food Network, right?

Hmmm...funny, my pages aren't being written while I research!

So I move out to my lovely backyard during the perfect temperature hours after work, sit on the deck with my laptop and write. No distractions out there, right? Nope...not until these guys show up:

How can I not watch them picking their way through the grass and chasing each other at dusk?

When the darkness brings out the mosquitoes, I move inside, to my new writing room. And there is where I actually do get most of my pages written. Maybe it's finally having a writing space of my own. Maybe it's knowing that the writing room is a place to be to write. Whatever the reason, and as much as the deck writing is a nice way to enjoy the summer while writing, the cute woods animals just beckon me to stare.

What focuses you in your writing?

Deena, Miss Subbing for Pubbing

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Jody Feldman said...

Hi Deena!
Love the deer.
Hate to potentially break your concentration, but might a person like me drop in on a person like you a week from Friday? July 23? For a short time?

You can email me at jody-at-jodyfeldman-dot-com.