Tuesday, August 2, 2011

eBooks are a good, good thing

Tip of the Day: enjoy your last days of summer!

Several authors I know are taking to self publishing eBooks lately, and I'm starting to think more about it. Most of the ones I know about have already published traditionally and have decided to self publish eBooks in between sales to give their fans something to read or because they are finding the type of books they write tough sales in this market.

So they've turned to eBooks.

And you know what?

Most of them are having much more success in eBooks than they imagined.

Which makes me excited so many people are being YA eBooks. Contemporary ones too.

At my library we are doing a push of eBooks right now, since we just switched our eBook provider. More and more people seem to be coming in with eReaders. Even people who have trouble using a computer are finding them fun and easy to use.

I know it's a ways off that everything in the book world goes electronic, but it seems to me that even in the last few months eBooks are taking off in a big way.

So what do you think...would you consider self publishing eBooks? Even if you'd never considered self publishing before?



C. K. Kelly Martin said...

"Most of them are having much more success in eBooks than they imagined."

This is so great to see and I would definitely consider self-publishing eBooks, whether published previously or not. I think as publishers grow ever more antsy about the state of the industry they're leaning increasingly towards more blockbuster type material and taking less chances, which means a ton of wonderful books falling through the cracks. Now authors can take matters into their own hands.

DeenaML said...

I agree with C.K.!

I also like the idea of e-anthologies, like Tina is doing, so you can get a sampling from a number of different authors and then purchase hard copy or e versions of their other titles.

And at my library, too, we have OverDrive and the ebook checkouts have been HUGE this summer! I love seeing new ways that people are reading.

And my wedding pastor read his readings from a Nook! :)

Kate Fall said...

I'm on the bandwagon too. I'd love a way to hear more about ebooks being published though. I have the Nook, and Barnes and Noble doesn't do a great job of getting me the information I want.

Kristina Springer said...

Yep! I have a number of friends doing it and doing very well at it.